Mandy Moore Net Worth

Mandy Moore Net Worth

Who is Mandy Moore?

Amanda Leigh Mandy Moore who is famous as Mandy Moore was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, the U.S. on 10th of April in the year 1984. She is a famous singer, actress, and songwriter of American nationality. She is one of the most famous and beautiful artists in the industry. She is known well for both her singing and acting capabilities.

Mandy Moore Net Worth

Mandy Moore has earned a net worth of $10 million till now in her career. The source of income of Mandy is her singing and acting career. She also had her own fashion line named as Mblem which provided clothes for the tall girls. This brand is also contributing well to her net worth. Mandy has worked in some of the very famous movies like Tangled, Rapunzel, A Walk to Remember, and others which have contributed well to her net worth.

Mandy Moore Life History

Mandy Moore started showing interest in the entertainment world at a very young age. Her grandmother was a dancer in a theater. She joined Stagedoor Manor theater camp at the age of twelve and after some time began writing her own music. While singing her talent was discovered by a FedEx delivery man and referred her to the Epic Records. Since then she raised slowly to the stardom and soon she was compared with Britney Spears. With her music career, Mandy also started exploring her acting career and got a role in the movie Princess Diaries. Then she got to work on the movie A Walk to Remember and since then she is acknowledged as a great actress. She is currently working great in the industry. In her personal life, Mandy married her ex-husband Ryan Adams in the year 2011 but the marriage did not work well. The couple had a divorce in the year 2016. Mandy is currently engaged to Taylor Goldsmith.

Mandy Moore Known For

Mandy Moore is known well for both her acting and singing career. She has worked in some of the best movies like A Walk to Remember, Tangled, Because I Said So, and many others. She has also worked as a voice artist in movies like Rapunzel, Tangled, and others. She is also known well for her songs like Only Hope, Candy, Cry, and I See The Light. She is titled as one of the Greatest Women in the music. She has also won Grammy awards and Golden Globe awards for her acting and singing career.

Mandy Moore Political / Business Affiliations

Mandy Moore started her own clothing line in the year 2005 which was titled as Mblem. She started this brand for the tall girls as she herself is 5’10 so she knew the limited varieties tall girls have in clothing. Initially, she started with the t-shirts. This was a great beginning but this venture did not work well and due to the economic crisis, this venture was closed in the year 2009. Since then she is not into any business.

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