Magnus Carlsen Net Worth

Magnus Carlsen Net Worth

Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess grandmaster and the current World Chess Champion, who is known as being a chess prodigy. Carlsen earned his grandmaster title at the age of 13, after being introduced to the game at five years old. The estimated net worth of Magnus Carlsen is $8 million.


Sven Magnus Oen Carlsen was born on November 30, 1990, in Tonsberg, Norway, to Sigrun Oen, a chemical engineer and Henrik Albert Carlsen, an IT consultant. When Magnus Carlsen was a child, he and his family spent a year in Espoo, Finland and then in Brussels, Belgium before returning to Norway in 1998. His family had discovered his love of complex things when, Carlsen was just two years old. He put his first 50 piece jigsaw puzzle together at the age of two and at four years old he began assembling lego sets with instructions intended for children 10-14 years old. At five years old, his father, who was an amateur chess player, taught him how to play chess. Carlsen has three sisters and as he got older, it became a goal to beat his oldest sister in chess. By the time he was eight years old, he had participated in his first tournament, in the youngest division in 1999. He scored 6 ½ /11. Once Carlsen started attending Norwegian College of Elite Sport, he was coached by the country’s top player, Grandmaster Simen Agdestein. Over the course of a year, his score rose from 904 to 1907. His breakthrough as a top chess player occurred when he competed in the Norwegian Junior Teams Championship in September 2000, where he scored 3 ½ /5 against the top junior players of the country. However, outside of playing chess, he enjoyed playing football and reading Donald Duck comics. From 2000 to 2002, Carlsen played almost 300 rated tournament games as well as blitz tournaments. In October 2002, he placed sixth in the European under 12 Championship in Pensacola and the next month, he placed first place in World Under 12 Championship, in Heraklio. After competing in this tournament, he obtained three IM Norms in quick succession. He was awarded the IM title on August 20, 2003. After he finished primary school, Carlsen took a year off to compete in international Chess tournaments held in Europe. During his time away from school, he placed joint-third in the European Under 14 Championship and ninth in the World Under-14 Championship. Once he returned to secondary school, he returned to a sports school.


Magnus Carlsen first gained international attention in 2004, after his victory in the C Group at the Corus Chess tournament. Even though he was only a teenager, his victory led, Grandmaster Lubomir Kavalek to give him the title “Mozart of Chess.” In March 2004, he went on to defeat the former world champion Anatoly Karpov at a blitz chess tournament as well as achieving a draw against Garry Kasparov. However, after his defeat of Kasparov, he was then defeated and knocked out of the tournament in another round against Kasparov. In April 2004, Carlsen finished second at the Dubai Open Chess Championship in April 2004 and became a Grandmaster, which made him the world’s youngest Grandmaster and the third youngest person ever to hold a Grandmaster status. HIs 2006 Norwegian Chess Championship was played very well, but he lost to Berge Ostenstad in the last round. He was still able to win the title in the play-off. In 2007, he faced several opponents in the Linares chess tournament, and came in second place. He was the youngest person to ever win a category 18 in August of 2007, at the International Chess Festival Biel Grandmaster Tournament. The next year he shared first place with Levon Aronian in the Corus chess tournament. He became the youngest person to ever win a category 20 tournament in after competing in this tournament. In 2009, Carlsen, won the World Blitz Championship and won in Moscow. After his win in Moscow, he entered the London Chess Classic as the top seed and defeated the former world champion Vladimir Kramnik. Carlsen was announced top player of the world in 2010. More recently, in 2013, he faced world chess champion Viswanathan Anand in the World Chess Championship in Chennai, India. Carlsen won the championship, scoring 6 ½ – 3 ½ and winning games five, six, and nine, and drawing the remainder. He became the world’s youngest player to win the world title. He went on to compete against Anand again, and defeated him, keeping his title, in 2014.

Awards and Acknowledgments

Magnus Carlsen won the Chess Oscars for five years in a row from 2009-2013. The Verdens Gang, a Norwegian tabloid named him, Sportsman of the Year, in 2009. In 2011, Carlsen was given the Peer Gynt Prize, which is a Norwegian honor given annually to a person who has achieved high distinction in society. His peak Elo rating, is 2882, which is the highest in history.

Net Worth of Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen has made a name for himself with his love of chess ever since he was a child. With his complex passion of a complex game, he has shown the world that he not the youngest player who can take on a chess game with players around the world, but that he is the best at it as well. The net worth of Magnus Carlsen is $8 million, and he owes his success to his passion and career as a chess player.


Ever since he was a child, Magnus Carlsen has brought a real understanding to what one of the most complex games in the world. What others would consider a hard game to understand, Carlsen has picked up and mastered at a young age. Magnus Carlsen will always be known as the chess player who made history because of his skills and young age.

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