Maggie Siff Net Worth

Maggie Siff Net Worth

Who is Maggie Siff
Maggie Siff is a popular actress from the United States. She was born in The Bronx, New York City on June 21st 1974. Her father is from Russia and her mother is a descendant of Irish-Swedish ancestors. She went The Bronx High School of Science. She majored in English from The Byrn Mawr College. She also completed a Tisch School of Arts graduate Acting Program from the New York University.

Work Profile
After graduation, Siff worked as an apprentice in a Hedge Fund. She started appearing in theatre productions around this time and went on to receive an award for her role in a theatre production called “Ghosts”.
Maggie Siff made her debut on TV in the year 2004 with “Rescue Me”, Season 2. She went on to act in other TV series like Nip/Tuck, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Grey’s Anatomy.

She received Screen Actors guild Award Nomination for Outstanding Performance by an ensemble along with her co-stars for the series Mad men. She was part of the star cast between 2007 and 2008.
Her work in FX’s Sons of Anarchy and Billons were well received.
“Sons of Anarchy” is a popular Crime drama series on American Television created by Kurt Sutter. It showcases lives of members of an outlaw motorcycle club operating from a fictional town in California. Siff plays Tara Knowles, the school sweetheart of the protagonist Jack Teller. She plays a role of a pediatrician in the later episodes of the series.

“Billions” premiered in Showtime on January17, 2016. Its creators are Brian Koppelman, Andrew Ross Sorkin and David Levien. It covers life of a federal prosecutor and his battles with a hedge fund manger. Maggie plays Wendy Rhoades, a Psychiatrist who is the wife of Chuck Rhoades. Siff’s strong character holds her own amongst other powerful characters including Axelrod, her boss.
Other television assignments of her career are 3 lbs, Life on Mars, third watch, Life on Mars and A Gifted Man.

Maggie Siff started bagging film roles from 2007. Some of her popular movies include Push, A Woman, a Part, Attorney#1, Leaves of Grass, One Percent More Humid, Concussion, Then She found Me, Funny People, The Sweet Life and The 5th Wave. Siff signed to be a part of a new film “The Short History of the Long Road” that is the production stage.

Life History of Maggie Siff
Siff married to Paul Ratliff in the year 2012. They were blessed with a daughter Lucy in April 2014.

Known for
Siff is known for her roles in popular television series like Mad Men, Anarchy and Billions. She is known to play strong and smart women with aplomb.

Awards and Recognition
In 1998, Siff received the Barrymore Award for Excellence in theatre. She received this award for an admirable performance in Ghosts, produced by Henrik Isben at Lantern Theatre Company.
She has also received nominations from the Critics Choice Television Award and Screen Guild awards.

Net worth of Maggie Siff
The net worth of Actress Maggie Siff is $8million. Her acting assignments on TV are very popular among her audiences.

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