Macklemore Net Worth

Macklemore Net Worth

Who Is Macklemore?

He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter and is basically from Seattle Washington. His real name is Benjamin Hammond “Ben” Haggerty and Macklemore is his stage name. He was born on June 19 in the year 1983 and born and raised in Seattle itself.

Macklemore Net Worth:

He is an amazingly talented guy and because of this, his net worth is $20million.
His massive work in the music industry has helped him earn this massive fortune. His album The Heist is said to have made a profit of about $1.5 million and as the album was with Ryan Lewis, Macklemore’s share must have been of about $750,000.

And not to forget he also does live concerts by which he earns approximately $200,000 to $300,000 per show. He owns a Cadillac which is an estimated $25,000.

He owns a house in the spectacular area of Capitol Hill and has an area of about 3000 square foot. And is of an estimated $2 million.

Macklemore Life History:

Macklemore was born in 1983 on June 19 at Seattle Washington. His real name is Benjamin Hammond “Ben” Haggerty. He spent a large portion of his childhood in the city of Kent. Growing up, he took an affectionately to different hip-hop groups, for example, Digital Underground and Kris Kross.

When he was fifteen, he was at that point composing his own rap lyrics. While in secondary school, Macklemore began substantial drug abuse and started drinking alcohol.

With the assistance of his family, he was later ready to control his addiction after moving to a different school. After completing his secondary school education, he went to Evergreen State College. Eventually, it was amid this time that he came out with his expanded play, Open Your Eyes.

Macklemore had been married to Tricia Davis for a year. The two got married on June 27, in the year 2015 after being engaged in the year 2013. As indicated by reports, the couple initially met through web-based social networking in 2006 while he was battling with drug and alcohol abuse.

According to the Macklemore himself, his present stage name “Macklemore” comes from his childhood days-it is the name of a made-up hero that he thought of when he was still in grade school.

Macklemore – Known For:

He is mainly known for his work in the music industry and is best known for his partnership with Ryan Lewis. They have bought out a number of famous albums together, the most famous being The Heist that was released on October 9, in the year 2012.

Even after the fact that it was self-produced, released, and recorded by the duo, it proved to be a massive commercial success. In the year 2016, he released two singles, Wednesday Morning and Drug Dealer which became popular as well.

Macklemore – Political and Business Associations:

Macklemore is associated with various organizations like Free the Children, the 30/30 Project, Save the Music Foundation, ONE Campaign, Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and the We Day Movement, among many others.

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