Luis Ortiz Net Worth

Luis Ortiz Net Worth

Who is Luis Ortiz?

Luis Ortiz  is a professional basketball player who hails from Cuba. He had the WBA interim heavyweight title to his name for 2015-2016. He is popular by his nickname ‘King Kong’.

Luis Ortiz     Net Worth

Luis Ortiz   is an exceptionally talented boxer who has a whooping net worth of about $18 million. His fight is impressive and he inspires the young boxers.

Life History of Luis Ortiz

Born on 30th December, the thirty eight year old boxer started his professional international career quite late. In the year 2010, thirty year old Luis Ortiz  made his first appearance against an American boxer named Lamar Davis in Florida. Before that, Ortiz was an amateur regional champion who served as a member of the Cuban National Team. As an amateur his records were impressive. For Cuban Championships, every year he brought a medal. In 2002 he won the silver medal for 95 kg, in 2003 he won the bronze medal for 91+ kg, in 2005 he won the silver medal for 91 kg, in 2006 he brought gold for 91 kg and in 2008 he got the white ribbon for 91+ kg.

Ortiz even won medals in international championships as an amateur. In 2005, in Panamerican Championships, Brazil he won the gold medal for 91 kg. He won the silver medal in World Cup (team competition), Russia, for 91 kg in 2005. He even qualified as the quarter finalist in World Championships, China for 91 kg.

At thirty, Ortiz started his professional boxing career in Miami. Despite testing positive for drug tests a couple of times, Ortiz has a huge fan base. He has the Heavyweight title to his name for the year 2015-2016. The King Kong practically rules the world of professional boxing.

Luis Ortiz  is known for

Luis Ortiz  is known for his fantastic boxing records. He has fought thirty one fights and won twenty eight of them. He has received huge success in his short career. After receiving great regional success, Ortiz moved out of Cuba to start his professional boxing career in Miami where he was warmly welcomed. He defeated some of the reclaimed boxers like Kendrick Releford, Bert Cooper, Korey Winfield, Vidondo, Jennings, Thompson, Jason Barnett, Luis Andres Pineda, Alex Gonzales and many others

Business Affiliations of Luis Ortiz

Ortiz is unbeatable in his professional boxing career. He solely sticks to his professional life.

Final words

Luis Ortiz maintains a stature for himself. He his 6 ft 4 inches tall. The heavily built man  owing to his body and boxing style has been named as the ‘Real King Kong’. Despite being allegations of doping, the boxer has come a long way. He continues to be one of the highest paid professional boxer of all time. His hard work and dedication towards the sport, has earned him fame and wealth both. He continues to be a role model, who came a long way from a small town in Cuba and got recognition on a global platform.

Luis Ortiz Bio Info

Born: March 29, 1979
Nationality: Cuban
Nickname(s): King Kong
Home: Miami, Florida, USA
Stance: Southpaw
Weight(s): Heavyweight
Height: 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
Reach: 78 in (198 cm)

Luis Ortiz Quotes

  • My mind is so strong, that where meditation comes from. You know, it’s a powerful exercise of exercising your mind. – Luis Ortiz
  • I mean at the end of the day styles make fights, and my style is what it is. I continue to prove to the people that I’ma continue to win, I’ma continue to knock these guys out with the style that I have, so people just gonna have to deal with what I got, and just love on me as I love you guys, and entertain you guys and give you some of the best fights. – Luis Ortiz
  • I really try to hurt my guys. But then when it’s over I can love all my guys. I can show sportsmanship. You know I can hug ‘em and kiss ‘em and say ‘great job, man. I appreciate you, king’ and go on to the next one. – Luis Ortiz

Luis Ortiz Videos on YouTube

Know more about the life of Luis Ortiz outside the ring through these YouTube videos.

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