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Lucy Liu Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Lucy Liu is a renowned actress known for her dynamic roles in the film and television industry. With a career spanning over three decades, Liu has amassed significant wealth through her successful acting career and various business endeavors. In this section, we will explore Lucy Liu’s net worth, earnings, and investments while delving into her life and career milestones.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lucy is a successful actress with a net worth of over $20 million.
  • Her earnings come from her acting career, business ventures, and investments.
  • Liu has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Lucy Liu was born on December 2, 1968, in Queens, New York, to Chinese immigrant parents. Growing up, she embraced her Asian culture and learned to speak Mandarin.

Liu attended Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, where she excelled academically and showed an interest in acting. She later graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Asian Languages and Cultures.

Liu’s acting career began in the late 1980s, where she appeared in small roles in films and television shows. Her breakthrough came in 1996 when she was cast in the role of Ling Woo in the television series Ally McBeal. The character quickly became a fan favorite and earned Liu an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

From there, Liu’s career took off, and she went on to star in several successful movies, including Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, and Shanghai Noon. She also continued to make television appearances, including voice-over work on animated series like Futurama and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

Despite facing some challenges as an Asian-American actress in Hollywood, Lucy Liu has persevered and become a trailblazer for representation in the industry. Her early life and career beginnings set the foundation for her successful acting career, and she continues to inspire others with her talent and determination.

Lucy Liu early life and career beginnings

Breakthrough Role and Commercial Success

Lucy Liu’s breakthrough role came in 2000 when she starred as Alex Munday in the hit action-comedy film “Charlie’s Angels”. The movie became a massive commercial success, grossing over $264 million worldwide and launching Liu’s career into mainstream recognition.

Following the success of “Charlie’s Angels”, Liu went on to star in several other famous projects, such as “Kill Bill: Volume 1” (2003) and “Lucky Number Slevin” (2006). Her versatility as an actress allowed her to take on various roles, including dramas, comedies, and action films.

Lucy Liu in a movie poster for Kill Bill: Volume 1

Liu’s commercial success didn’t end with just her film career. In 2012, she joined the cast of the CBS crime drama series “Elementary”. The series became an instant hit, and Liu’s portrayal of Joan Watson earned her critical acclaim.

Overall, Lucy Liu’s breakthrough role in “Charlie’s Angels” and her subsequent commercial success allowed her to establish herself as a versatile and respected actress in the entertainment industry.

Acting Career Milestones and Accolades

Lucy Liu’s acting career has been marked by numerous milestones and achievements. Her talent and hard work have earned her critical acclaim and recognition from peers and industry experts alike.

One of her standout roles was in the television series Ally McBeal, where she played the character Ling Woo. This breakthrough role garnered Liu an Emmy nomination, making her the first Asian American woman to be nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series category.

She also starred in the blockbuster film Charlie’s Angels, which grossed over $264 million worldwide. Liu’s performance earned her a nomination for the MTV Movie Award for Best Villain.

Liu’s skillful portrayal of an icy hitwoman in the film Kill Bill: Volume 1 was also widely acclaimed. Her performance earned her a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role.

Award Category Year
Emmy Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Nomination 1999
MTV Movie Award Best Villain Nomination 2001
Screen Actors Guild Award Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role Nomination 2004

In addition to these accolades, Liu has also been recognized for her work in philanthropy. In 2016, she received the Harvard Foundation Artist of the Year Award for her contributions to humanitarian work.

Liu’s continued success in the entertainment industry has earned her many more accolades and nominations throughout her career. Her talent and dedication have cemented her status as one of the most successful and influential Asian American actresses of our time.

Lucy Liu acting career milestones

Other Ventures and Business Endeavors

Lucy Liu’s success in the entertainment industry has paved the way for her involvement in various ventures and business endeavors. She has demonstrated her versatile skills not only in acting but also in producing, directing, and voice acting.

One of Liu’s notable producing credits is the TV series “Elementary,” where she also starred as Joan Watson. The show ran for seven seasons, adding more accolades to Liu’s achievements. She also executive produced and directed an episode of the series.

Aside from producing, Liu also ventured into voice acting, lending her voice to animated films and TV shows. One of her significant voice acting roles was in Disney’s “Mulan,” where she voiced the titular character.

Moreover, Liu is active in business endeavors and investments. She co-founded a production company, 3AD, which produces “Elementary” and other projects. She is also an ambassador for the USA Triathlon, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Lucy Liu investments

Furthermore, Liu has invested in several businesses and start-ups, continuing to expand her wealth. Her financial savvy and business acumen have contributed significantly to her growing net worth.

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Work

Aside from her successful acting career, Lucy Liu is also known for her philanthropic efforts and dedication to humanitarian work. Throughout her career, she has been actively involved in various charitable organizations, working tirelessly to support causes close to her heart.

One of the causes that Lucy Liu strongly supports is children’s education. In 2014, she was appointed as a UNICEF ambassador and has since been advocating for children’s rights and education around the world. She has traveled to countries such as Lesotho, Pakistan, and Peru to raise awareness of the importance of education and access to education for children.

In addition to her work with UNICEF, Lucy Liu has also been actively involved with the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). She has participated in several amfAR events, including the New York Gala, as well as the organization’s annual Cinema Against AIDS event at the Cannes Film Festival.

Lucy Liu has also been a strong advocate for the fight against human trafficking. In 2013, she produced and narrated the documentary film “Redlight,” which explores the issue of child sex trafficking in Cambodia. The film was screened at various international film festivals and received critical acclaim.

Furthermore, Lucy Liu has been involved with several other charitable organizations, including the ACLU, RAINN, and Stand Up to Cancer. Her dedication to philanthropy and humanitarian work has earned her recognition and respect from both the entertainment industry and the charitable organizations she supports.

Lucy Liu holding hands with a child

“I feel like it’s important to use my voice to support issues that need attention. I want to use my platform to make a positive impact in the world.” – Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu Lifestyle and Assets

Lucy Liu’s success in the entertainment industry has allowed her to accumulate an impressive set of assets. As of 2021, her net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, making her one of the most financially successful actresses in Hollywood.

One of Lucy Liu’s most notable possessions is her luxurious apartment in New York City’s trendy neighborhood, SoHo. This stunning property features high ceilings and an open floor plan, with plenty of natural light coming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Liu has also been known to invest in real estate in her hometown, Los Angeles, where she owns a remarkable mansion.

Lucy Liu properties

Aside from her impressive property portfolio, Lucy Liu also enjoys a lavish lifestyle. She is a known art enthusiast and collector, and has been spotted attending several high-profile art exhibits and auctions. In addition, Liu is passionate about fashion and has made several appearances at various fashion events, wearing some of the most stunning outfits.

Lucy Liu’s success has also allowed her to indulge in her love for travel. She is known to enjoy trips to exotic destinations and often shares pictures of her travels on her social media profiles.

Overall, Lucy Liu’s lifestyle and assets are a reflection of her successful career in the entertainment industry and her taste for luxury and refinement.

Financial Success and Investments

Lucy Liu’s financial success has been significant over the years, largely due to her thriving acting career and her wise investments. Her net worth has steadily grown throughout her career, reaching an impressive $20 million as of 2021.

Aside from her acting earnings, Liu has also made shrewd investments in various ventures, which have contributed to her financial success. In recent years, she has become involved in the tech industry, investing in several start-up companies. One such investment was in the ride-sharing company, Lyft, which saw a significant increase in value over time.

Liu’s financial success has also been recognized by industry experts, with Forbes including her in their list of the highest-paid actresses on television in 2015. She has also been featured in their Celebrity 100 list several times, further highlighting her impressive financial achievements.

Overall, Lucy Liu’s net worth growth is a testament to her incredible talent and business acumen, making her one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood.

Lucy Liu net worth

Recent Projects and Current Endeavors

Lucy Liu has never slowed down when it comes to her acting career. In 2019, she played a recurring role as Joan Watson in the final season of the CBS drama series Elementary. While critically acclaimed, the show ended its seven-year run with the season finale in August 2019.

She also starred in and produced the 2019 indie film Stage Mother, which premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The film received positive reviews for Liu’s performance as a conservative Texan choir director who inherits her deceased son’s drag club in San Francisco.

In January 2020, Liu was announced to join the cast of the upcoming Shazam! sequel film, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, in an undisclosed role. The film is currently in production, and the release date is set for June 2023.

Aside from acting, Liu also directs and produces. In 2020, she directed an episode of the Netflix series Unsolved Mysteries and produced the CBS All Access series Why Women Kill, which premiered its second season in June 2021.

Lucy Liu Recent Projects

Liu’s current endeavors include starring in and executive producing the upcoming CBS All Access series Surviving. She plays a detective who investigates a bombing in a wealthy neighborhood, leading her to explore the dark secrets of the town’s residents. The series is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

She has also been cast in the upcoming limited series Rosemead for ABC. Liu plays the lead, Lily, a mother who attempts to reconnect with her estranged daughter while navigating her family’s immigrant past. The series is currently in development.


Lucy Liu has built an impressive net worth over the years, thanks to her successful acting career and various business endeavors. Her financial success has allowed her to accumulate numerous assets, including properties and possessions.

Throughout her career, Liu has achieved many significant milestones and received multiple accolades for her performances. She has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts, showcasing her dedication to humanitarian work.

As Liu’s career continues to thrive, she remains dedicated to her craft and is always looking for new opportunities to grow and excel. With her recent projects and upcoming endeavors, it is clear that she has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Lucy Liu’s Career Summary

Lucy Liu is a talented actress and successful businesswoman, known for her remarkable acting career and wise financial investments. With a net worth of over $20 million, she has become one of the most prominent actresses in the entertainment industry.

Throughout her career, Liu has achieved great success and received numerous accolades for her performances. She has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts, showcasing her dedication to improving the world around her.

As she continues to excel in her career and invests in new opportunities, it is clear that Lucy Liu’s net worth will continue to grow in the years to come.

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