Lin Manuel Miranda Net Worth

Lin Manuel Miranda Net Worth

Who is Lin Manuel Miranda?
Lin Manuel Miranda is a famous American musician, a lyricist, composer, play writer and actor. Miranda is best known for showing his talent in the Broadway musicals. He acted and created “Hamilton” and “In the Heights”. He also has shown his special efficiency in the co-writing of the songs of “Disney’s Moana Soundtrack” in 2016. Now, he is all set to feature in their upcoming movie “Mary Poppins Returns”. This talented actor and musician has won lots of prestigious awards including a “Pulitzer Prize”, an “Emmy Award”, 3 “Grammy Awards” and 3 “Tony Awards”. In 2015, “Hamilton Cast Recording” grabbed the top position for 10 weeks in “Billboard’s Top Rap Albums” and “The Hamilton Mixtape” – developed and featuring Miranda reached number one position on the “Billboard 200” in December 2016.

Net Worth of Lin Manuel Miranda:
Lin Manuel Miranda has a net worth of $10 million as of now. The most of his wealth comes from his musical creations, films and television performances. He also earned a lot from the books he has published. He has launched a multi-million-dollar enterprise and thus he has become a millionaire. He also earns royalties and profits from his shows that are still running.

Life History of Lin Manuel Miranda:
Miranda was born on 16th January 1980 in New York City. He is the son of Luz Towns and Luis A. Miranda Jr. his mother was a clinical psychologist and father was the advisor of the mayor Ed Koch of the New York City. Miranda had an elder sister. He was raised in the suburb of Inwood. He is a Puerto Rican descent. Miranda was the student of “Hunter College High School”. During his childhood times, he has started to write jingles. He went to the “Wesleyan University”. There he founded a hip-hop troupe. He also wrote and directed numbers of musicals in Wesleyan. Before completing his graduation in 2002, Miranda acted in several musicals to Shakespeare and in other productions.

Lin Manuel Miranda is known for:
Miranda has started his professional career with “In the Heights” in 2002. After receiving a huge success off-Broadway, it went to the Broadway in March 2008. It won 4 Tony Awards including “Best original score” and “Best musical” while got the nominations for 13 categories. In 2009, it won the Grammy Award in the category “Best Musical Theatre album”.
In 2011, Miranda co-wrote the lyrics and the music for “Bring It On”. After getting premiered in Atlanta, it began a US tour and got huge success.
He started his film career in 1996 with the film “Clayton’s Friends” and has done many other films including “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in 2015. Miranda also got featured in many of the television shows and series. In 2007, he appeared for the first time in TV in of the episodes of “The Sopranos”. In 2018, he has done a voiceover in “Duck Tales” for Gizmoduck /Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera.

Lin Manuel Miranda Political/Business Affiliation:
Miranda is a good businessman accordingly. He has co-writen with Jeremy MacCarter “Hamilton: The Revolution” in 2016. In the same year, he also wrote a couple of articles for The New York Times.

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