Lil Mouse Net Worth

Lil Mouse Net Worth
Who is Lil Mouse?
Lil Mouse is an American Rapper, although his ethnicity is African- American. He has been a controversial name considering the lyrics of his most famous songs – ‘Get Smoked’ and ‘With My Team.’ His real name is Mouse Myers. He was born on 7th of June, 1999 in Chicago, Illinois, USA and is currently residing in the same place itself.
Net Worth
Lil Mouse’s current net worth is $800,000. All his income comes from his rap songs and his career as a singer- which include several mixtapes, singles and 1 album. Moreover, there are certain endorsements and advertisements that he is a part of, which brings him significant amount of money. His features with famous rappers also got him a lot of money and fame.
Life History
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Lil Mouse was only about 13 years old when he first released his mixtape known as ‘Mousetrap.’ In his school days, he was convicted of actually threatening a kid, who was only 8 years old at that time, to death. Owing to this, he had to transfer schools and was also charged for assault. His music career started with his first song being released on YouTube- Get Smoked. All his songs thereafter contain sex, drugs, violence, drugs and all such explicit content owing to which he often became news.
Later, he signed a contract with G.S. Entertainment. His style of rap is known as gangster rap.
Mouse Myers also got a tattoo of a mouse on his right arm as a tribute to himself and his music persona. Except these facts, he likes to keep his life private.
Known For
Lil Mouse has been a part of a lot of controversies, right from when he started his music career because his rap songs revolved around dark themes and included explicit content along with lyrics about sex, drugs and violence. In fact, he also made it to the list of the ‘Top 10 Most Controversial Music Artists’ in the year 2013. Lil Mouse featured on the cover of Chicago Sun times owing to his growing popularity back then.
He has also featured in songs by famous rappers such as Lil Wayne, Rich the Kid, Smylez, Chief Keef and many others. Along with these, he has released many singles and one album called – Michael Mouse Mayer. The sequel to his first mixtape ‘Mouse trap’ was released in 2 parts in 2015.
Political / Business Affiliations
With no political or business affiliations, Lil Mouse sticks to releasing his own music while sometimes being a part of others music videos or contributing to their song. He is a member of the Gangster Disciplines gang.
Final Words
Lil Mouse may only be in his teens when he ruined his own reputation, but this also means that he still has a lot of time in his hands to recover all the losses he has endured. After all, if you still have time, you still have everything. Being a famous teen now, it is not only for his own betterment but also for kids all over the world who listen to his songs and are looking for a role model of someone their age- that it is about time he used his fame and power for something for gentle, kind, and for a good cause.

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