Lil’ Kim Net Worth

Lil Kim Net Worth

Who is Lil Kim?
Kimberley Denise Jones is mostly recognized by her professional stage name Lil Kim. Kim is an American rapper, actress, model, songwriter and record producer. She was born on 11th July 1975 or ’76. Her first album as a group was released in 1994 and that was a huge success. The success story continues when she released her debut single album “Hard Core” in 1996. This album was certified by RIAA as the double platinum. “Crush On You”, “Not Tonight (Ladies Night)”, “No Time” – these three singles made her more popular among the audience. Her second and third album “The Notorious K.I.M.” and “La Bella Mafia” were platinum certified too. She is the third female rapper except for Missy Elliot and Nicky Minaj who has minimum 3 platinum certifications. Her single “Lady Marmalade” along with Mya, Christina Aguilera and Pink made reached on top of the “Billboard Hot 100” in the US. She is recognized as the “Queen of Rap”. People consider her as one of the most influential female rappers of all time.

Lil Kim Net Worth:
According to the authentic sources, Lil Kim has the net worth of $18 million as of now. She became famous with her first studio album which was sold over 6 million copies worldwide. She has earned huge money by then. Throughout her singing career Kim has recorded many hit albums which were sold worldwide more than $15 million throughout the world. She has sold almost 30 million singles too. She has planned for various tours worldwide and regional from 1997 and has earned a lot of money from the selling of the tickets. Also, she appeared in lots of movies and television shows which made her a millionaire.

Lil Kim Life History:
Kim was born in the neighborhood of New York. In her childhood, she went to the “Queen of All Saints Elementary School” in Brooklyn. Her parents got divorced when she was just 9. Then she was grown up with her father. There she experienced a very bitter childhood. She had a turbulent relationship with her father and later she got kicked out from the house. Then Kim started living on the streets and had to drop out from the high school too.

Lil Kim is known for:
Kim has started her career with Notorious B.I.G. whose real name was Christopher Wallace. He had a strong impact on Kim’s personal and professional life. She came into the limelight after releasing her first studio album “Hard Core” in 1996. It ranked 11 in the “Billboard 200” and was considered as the best debut as a female rapper. In 1997, she promoted “Hard Core” on the “No Way Out” tour by P. Daddy. This tour was considered as one of the highest-earning hip-hop tours forever with the gross amount almost $16 million.
She received lots of awards throughout her rapping career. Her single “Lady Marmalade” won 2 MTV Music Video Award with Video of the Year. She won Grammy Award in the 44th Grammy Award for the best pop collaboration with the vocals in the year 2002.

Lil Kim Political/Business Affiliation:
Kim is interested in other businesses also. She has done a voice over job in a video game “Def Jam: Fight for NY” for herself in 2004.

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