Lazar Angelov Net Worth

Lazar Angelov Net Worth

Lazar Aneglov has a net worth of $2 million. He is a fitness professional, Bulgarian bodybuilder, and personal trainer for other athletes. He has also mastered the art of making the scene through social media, and he has millions of followers on Facebook, as well as other social media outlets and platforms. Bodybuilders tend to focus on their physical skills rather than mental ones. But they know how to get the help them need to use social media and promotional platforms to make their name in the world.

Lazar Angelov Career

Before becoming a bodybuilder and a personal trainer, Lazar Angelov played professional basketball for 10 years. He led his team in scoring for multiple seasons and was one of the best point guards of his class. At the age of 16 he joined the junior national team of Bulgaria and played for a couple of teams in the National Basketball Association of Bulgaria. At the age of 18 he spent an year and a half in the Army, where he found his vocation – bodybuilding. It became a constant part of his life and he went on to earn a certificate for a personal trainer from the National Sports Academy. Lazar started working with people, helping them to reach their maximum potential in developing their bodies.

He dedicated his life to bodybuilding and since 2006 has been taking part in different competitions, while never failing to win at least a bronze medal every time. He achieved that despite never taking (and never will) steroids. Lazar dominates other bodybuilders with balanced physique and incredible definition.

He owns some of the best abs in the world. As a personal trainer he has been able to transform the bodies of thousands of people and to make his motivation and knowledge contagious to them. As a model he takes part in a number of music videos and advertisements. His body, his ambition and his motivation are inspiration to millions of people around the world thanks to his youtube videos. Due to the thousands of questions and inquiries about his every day training and nutrition he decided to create his personal website –, where everyone will have the chance to receive everything needed for reaching the maximum physical potential without using steroids.

Lazar Angelov Bio Info

Born: 22 September 1984 (age 33 years), Sofia, Bulgaria
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 195 lbs (88 kg)
Nationality: Bulgarian
Education: National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” (2006)

Lazar Angelov Quotes

  • To be great someday, you have to start today. – Lazar Angelov
  • To achieve what others won’t, you have to do what others don’t. – Lazar Angelov
  • Nothing is over until you stop trying. – Lazar Angelov

Lazar Angelov Videos on YouTube

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