Laura Bozzo Net Worth

Laura Bozzo Net Worth

Who Is Laura Bozzo?

The full name of Laura Bozzo is Laura Cecilia Bozzo Rotondo and she is a television hostess and a lawyer. She was born in the year 1951 in on August 19, 1951.

Laura Bozzo Net worth:

The estimated net worth of Laura Bozzo is of about $850,000. Most of her earnings come from the television shows that she hosts.

Laura Bozzo Life History:

Laura Bozzo was born in the year 1951 in on August 19th in Callao in Peru. Her father was Miguel Bozzo Chirichigno who was an engineer and mother was Victoria Luisa Rotondo Mendoza. Both the parents are of Italian, Quechua and Spanish descent. Bozzo holds an Italian citizenship.

In Peru and Caracas which is in Venezuela, she studied law. She has a degree in Law and Political Science and also had been teaching these subjects in various Universities. In the year 1987, she had become the officer of the Instituto Nacional de Cultura and had organized may contest to promote the conservation of the cultural heritage of Peru.

Then in the year 1992, she had become the regidora which means alderman of metropolitan Lima. Laura had got married to a lawyer Mario de la Fuente in the year 1980. The couple has two daughters together named Alejandra and Victoria. But the relationship did not last a long time and the couple got separated in the year 2000 when their divorce was finalized.

Laura had been a part of many controversies the one that made big news was her dating Christian Suarez who was twenty-four years younger than him and was a part of the musical group in Argentina called Complot.

Not only this she was also criticized a lot on social media in the year 2013 as she allegedly used official State of Mexico government helicopters during a telecast just for the benefit of her show to showcase dramatic stage for the television audiences, when in reality it could have been used to rescue people in need during the Hurricane Manuel. Also, a petition was charged against her by a civil group CREMOS Mexico A.C. to draw her from the Mexican television.

Laura Bozzo – Known For:

Laura Bozzo is best known for her television career as a Peruvian talk show hostess, the most popular being Laura that is showcased on the Univison television network in the United States.

She has also been a host on Laura en America in the year 1990’s and the 2000’s which was in her name. Her talk show is mainly on sensitive issues and is compared to the American English show called Jerry Springer Show.

Laura Bozzo – Political / Business Affiliations:

Once on her shows when she was dealing with a young girl who wanted to know about her father. She exposed a politician and economist Alejandro Toledo as the father of the child, this was also the time when she was friendly with the then president Alberto Fujimori and Vladimiro Montesino. She also founded and maintained a charity which helps children and teenagers.

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