How Tall Is Lance Henriksen? Lance Henriksen Height, Age, Bio.

Lance Henriksen, born on May 5, 1940, in Manhattan, New York, is an American actor known for his versatile roles in science fiction, action, and horror films. He has appeared in iconic movies such as Aliens and Terminator. Henriksen is 1.78 meters tall, and he is currently 83 years old.

  • Lance Henriksen is an accomplished American actor.
  • He is best known for his roles in science fiction, action, and horror films.
  • Henriksen is 1.78 meters tall.
  • He was born on May 5, 1940, in Manhattan, New York.
  • At 83 years old, Henriksen continues to leave a mark on the entertainment industry.

Lance Henriksen’s Career Highlights

Lance Henriksen’s career in the entertainment industry has been filled with notable achievements and diverse roles in movies and TV shows. With his talent and versatility, he has made a significant impact in the genres of science fiction, action, and horror. Henriksen has showcased his acting prowess in numerous films, captivating audiences with his performances. Some of his most renowned movies include:

  • Aliens
  • Terminator
  • Near Dark
  • Pumpkinhead

These films have not only solidified Henriksen’s status as a versatile actor but also contributed to his extensive filmography.

“Working on Aliens was such a memorable experience for me. It was an incredible opportunity to collaborate with talented individuals in the industry and bring a complex character to life. The film’s success opened doors for many other exciting projects.”

In addition to his notable film roles, Henriksen’s career includes remarkable achievements in the realm of television. His portrayal of Frank Black in the TV series Millennium received critical acclaim, earning him multiple award nominations and further showcasing his range as an actor.

Throughout his career, Lance Henriksen’s commitment to his craft and his ability to portray multifaceted characters have been key factors contributing to his success and recognition in the industry.

Notable Film and TV Roles:

Film TV Show
Aliens Millennium
Terminator Into the Badlands
Near Dark NCIS
Pumpkinhead The Blacklist

Lance Henriksen’s Early Life

Lance Henriksen, known for his versatile roles in science fiction, action, and horror films, had a challenging early life before becoming a successful actor.

Henriksen was born in Manhattan, New York, to Margueritte, a waitress, dance instructor, and model, and James Marin Henriksen, a Norwegian boxer and merchant sailor.

Unfortunately, his parents divorced when he was young, leading to a turbulent childhood. Henriksen spent time in foster care, which presented its own set of difficulties.

Despite these challenges, Henriksen overcame adversity and found solace in acting. After studying at the prestigious Actors Studio, he embarked on a career that would make him a household name.

lance henriksen early life

Henriksen’s early life experiences shaped his resilience and determination, fueling his passion for acting and propelling him towards success.

Lance Henriksen’s Personal Life

Lance Henriksen, known for his remarkable acting career, has also had a fulfilling personal life. Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects of his personal journey.

Marriages and Children

Lance Henriksen has been married three times. Currently, he is happily married to Louise Lunde. Prior to that, he was married to Mary Jane Evans and Jane Pollack. Throughout his marriages, Henriksen has been blessed with four children.

  • Two of his children, a son and a daughter, are from his marriage to Louise Lunde.
  • Tragically, one of his sons passed away in 1995, which was a devastating loss for the family.

Henriksen deeply values his family and the support they provide him, especially during challenging times.

Privacy and Personal Preference

Lance Henriksen is a private person who prefers to maintain a low profile when it comes to his personal life. He understands the importance of separating his public and private identities, allowing him to fully immerse himself in his acting career. By keeping his personal life out of the spotlight, he can focus on his craft and deliver exceptional performances to his audience.

lance henriksen personal life

Henriksen’s Perspective

“My personal life is incredibly important to me, and I cherish the moments I have with my loved ones. However, I believe that a certain level of privacy is essential for every individual. It allows me to explore different characters and delve into their stories without any distractions.”

In summary, Lance Henriksen’s personal life is marked by his loving relationships, the heartache of loss, and his preference for privacy. These aspects contribute to the complexity and depth of the actor, allowing him to fully commit to his craft and leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Lance Henriksen’s Awards and Recognition

Lance Henriksen’s remarkable acting talents have garnered him recognition throughout his career. Although he has not won a major award, his performances have been appreciated by critics and audiences alike. He has been nominated for multiple awards, including three Golden Globe nominations for his role in Millennium.

Despite not claiming the top prize, Henriksen’s body of work showcases his exceptional talent and versatility as an actor. His captivating performances have left a lasting impact on the industry and continue to be celebrated by fans worldwide.

“Lance Henriksen’s ability to bring depth and complexity to his characters is truly commendable. His dedication to his craft is evident in every role he takes on.” – Film Critic

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category
1997 Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
1998 Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
1999 Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
2020 Critics’ Choice Television Awards Best Actor in a Drama Series

Although he may not have won these awards, the nominations alone are a testament to his talent and the impact he has made in the entertainment industry.

lance henriksen awards

Lance Henriksen’s Artistic Talents

In addition to his successful acting career, Lance Henriksen is a multi-talented artist with a passion for painting and ceramics. His artistic pursuits showcase his creativity and versatility beyond the realm of acting.

Henriksen’s love for ceramics has led him to create unique and extraordinary artworks that are highly coveted in the art market. His mastery of the craft is evident in the intricate details and distinctive designs of his ceramic pieces.

Furthermore, Henriksen’s talent extends to painting, where he explores various styles and themes. His paintings capture a range of emotions and narratives, reflecting his depth as an artist.

“Painting and ceramics are my way of expressing myself artistically,” says Henriksen. “I find immense joy in exploring different mediums and allowing my imagination to come to life through my artwork.”

Henriksen’s paintings and ceramics have gained recognition and acclaim in the art world. His works have been exhibited in renowned galleries and have attracted collectors from around the globe. The popularity and demand for his pieces demonstrate the power and allure of his artistic creations.

Through his artistic talents, Lance Henriksen showcases his ability to transcend boundaries and captivate audiences in various forms of artistic expression. It is a testament to his remarkable creativity and dedication to his craft.

lance henriksen painting

Art Medium Description
Painting Henriksen’s paintings explore a diverse range of subjects, from abstract compositions to figure studies. His use of color and texture creates a captivating visual experience for viewers.
Ceramics Henriksen’s ceramic artworks are characterized by their intricate details and unique forms. From vases to sculptures, his creations showcase his talent for manipulating clay into extraordinary shapes.

Lance Henriksen’s Contributions to Voice Acting

Lance Henriksen, known for his versatile acting skills, has also made significant contributions to the world of voice acting. His distinct and commanding voice has brought life to various animated films, TV series, and video games, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.

“Voice acting allows me to explore a different side of my creativity. It’s an opportunity to embody characters in unique ways and bring them to life through my voice.”

In Disney’s Tarzan, Henriksen voiced the character Kerchak, the protective leader of the ape tribe. His deep and resonant voice captured the authority and complexity of the character, adding depth to the storytelling.

Henriksen’s talent for voice acting extended to the gaming world as well. In the popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, he portrayed General Shepherd, a pivotal character in the intense military storyline. His powerful voice performance contributed to the immersive experience of the game.

Another notable voice role by Henriksen is Admiral Hackett in the Mass Effect video game trilogy. His commanding voice brought the character to life, guiding players through a rich and expansive science fiction universe.

The contribution of Lance Henriksen’s voice acting cannot be understated. Through his powerful and distinctive voice, he has added depth, emotion, and character to numerous animated projects and video games.

lance henriksen voice acting

Film/TV/Video Game Character
Tarzan Kerchak
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 General Shepherd
Mass Effect trilogy Admiral Hackett

Lance Henriksen’s Recent Projects

Lance Henriksen, a versatile actor known for his roles in science fiction, action, and horror films, has remained an active presence in the entertainment industry. Despite being in his 80s, Henriksen continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charisma. In recent years, he has engaged in various projects, showcasing his range and dedication.

Film Projects

Henriksen’s recent film projects demonstrate his ability to tackle diverse characters and narratives. In the movie Scream of the Banshee, he delivers a memorable performance that both thrills and chills audiences. Additionally, in the film Falling, Henriksen’s talent shines through as he portrays a complex and emotionally impactful character.

Voice Acting Work

Besides his on-screen appearances, Henriksen has also lent his iconic voice to the world of video games. One notable project is his involvement in the highly acclaimed game Detroit: Become Human. Through his powerful voice acting, Henriksen immerses players in a dystopian world filled with moral dilemmas and thought-provoking storytelling.

Henriksen’s recent projects exemplify his enduring passion for his craft and his commitment to delivering compelling performances. As he continues to explore new avenues and embrace different roles, audiences eagerly anticipate the next chapters in his illustrious career.

lance henriksen recent projects

Recent Film Projects Voice Acting Work
Scream of the Banshee Detroit: Become Human

Lance Henriksen’s Impact on the Industry

Lance Henriksen has made a significant impact on the film and television industry throughout his career. His exceptional talent and ability to portray a wide range of characters have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers.

Henriksen’s versatility as an actor is evident in his performances, where he seamlessly transitions from heroic roles to villainous characters with ease. This ability to embody diverse roles has solidified his status as a veteran actor who is revered for his skill and dedication to his craft.

Throughout the years, Henriksen has taken on challenging and complex characters, showcasing his commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of his roles. His performances are characterized by authenticity and depth, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

“Lance Henriksen’s ability to immerse himself in a character is unparalleled. He brings a level of authenticity and depth to his performances that captivates audiences and leaves an indelible mark on the industry.” – Movie Critic

Henriksen’s influence extends beyond his acting prowess. His dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to excellence serve as an inspiration to aspiring actors. Through his extensive body of work, Henriksen has set a standard for talent and professionalism, leaving his mark on the industry for generations to come.

In recognition of his contributions, Henriksen has garnered a loyal fan base and continues to be highly regarded in the entertainment industry. His impact can be seen not only in the films and TV shows he has been a part of, but also in the way he has shaped the perception of what it means to be a versatile and respected actor.

lance henriksen influence

Notable Achievements

  • Nominated for multiple awards throughout his career.
  • Known for his iconic roles in films like Aliens and Terminator.
  • Inspires aspiring actors with his talent and dedication.
  • Recognized for his authenticity and depth in performances.

Lance Henriksen’s Legacy

Lance Henriksen has left a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry. His iconic roles in films like Aliens and Terminator have made him a memorable figure in the science fiction genre. Henriksen’s talent and versatility as an actor have inspired and influenced aspiring actors, leaving a mark on the industry that will be remembered for years to come.

Henriksen’s portrayal of characters such as Bishop in Aliens and Detective Frank Black in the TV series Millennium showcases his ability to bring depth and complexity to his roles. His performances resonate with audiences, capturing their attention and creating a connection that transcends the screen.

Furthermore, Henriksen’s influence expands beyond his acting career. He has proven himself as a multi-talented artist, exploring various mediums such as painting and ceramics. His creativity and dedication to his craft extend beyond the realm of acting, highlighting his artistic sensibilities and contributing to his overall legacy.

“Acting, for me, is an exploration of the human condition. It’s about delving into the depths of a character’s emotions, motivations, and experiences. I believe that the power of storytelling lies in its ability to connect people and evoke genuine emotions. It’s an honor to have played roles that have resonated with audiences and left a lasting impact on the industry.”

Henriksen’s legacy is not confined to his on-screen performances but also to his influence on aspiring actors and entertainment professionals. His dedication, versatility, and commitment to his craft serve as an inspiration for those seeking a career in the industry.

As Lance Henriksen’s career continues to inspire and entertain, his legacy will endure, reminding future generations of the impact one individual can have on the world of entertainment.

Legacy Impacts
Influential actor Inspired aspiring actors
Versatility in roles Left a mark on the industry
Multi-talented artist Contributed to the art world
Memorable performances Connected with audiences

Lance Henriksen’s Public Persona

Lance Henriksen is a renowned actor who is admired not only for his exceptional talent but also for his genuine and approachable public image. Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Henriksen remains down-to-earth and humble, resonating with fans around the world.

One of Henriksen’s defining qualities is his grounded nature, which shines through in his interactions with others. Whether he’s attending fan conventions or engaging with his audience on social media, he always takes the time to connect with his fans on a personal level. His genuine demeanor and willingness to engage in meaningful conversations have endeared him to many.

“I think it’s really important to stay connected with the fans. They’re the reason I get to do what I love. So I always try to be approachable and give back the support they’ve given me over the years.” – Lance Henriksen

Henriksen’s public image is also characterized by his commitment to letting his work speak for itself. He prioritizes his craft over seeking the spotlight, allowing his performances to captivate audiences and speak volumes about his talent and dedication. This level of professionalism has garnered the respect and admiration of industry peers and fans alike.

While Henriksen values his privacy, his public persona remains engaging and relatable. He understands the importance of maintaining a sense of authenticity in a world where celebrity images are often curated and distant. This transparency adds a sense of authenticity to his public image, fostering a deeper connection with his audience.

Overall, Lance Henriksen’s public image is a testament to his character both as an actor and as a person. With his down-to-earth nature, genuine interactions, and commitment to his craft, he has earned the admiration and respect of fans and colleagues alike. Lance Henriksen’s public persona truly reflects the essence of a true artist whose work continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.

Lance Henriksen’s Public Persona

Qualities of Lance Henriksen’s Public Persona Description
Down-to-Earth Lance Henriksen remains grounded and approachable despite his success in the entertainment industry.
Humble Henriksen maintains a sense of humility, earning the respect of his fans and peers.
Professionalism Henriksen prioritizes his craft over seeking the spotlight, allowing his work to speak for itself.
Transparency While valuing his privacy, Henriksen maintains a sense of authenticity, fostering a deeper connection with his audience.
Engaging Henriksen’s genuine interactions and commitment to his fans make him relatable and engaging.

lance henriksen public image

Lance Henriksen’s Future Endeavors

As Lance Henriksen continues to pursue his passion for acting, fans can eagerly anticipate his involvement in exciting upcoming projects. While specific details may not be available at this time, one thing is certain – Henriksen’s unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication will continue to shine through in his future endeavors.

With a career spanning several decades, Henriksen has established himself as a versatile and highly respected actor, known for his captivating performances in science fiction, action, and horror genres. His ability to breathe life into complex characters has garnered him a devoted fan base and critical acclaim.

As we eagerly await the announcement of his upcoming projects, it is evident that Henriksen’s magnetic presence onscreen will undoubtedly captivate audiences once again. Whether it be on the big screen or the small screen, his commitment to his craft and the depth he brings to each character is something to look forward to.


How tall is Lance Henriksen?

Lance Henriksen is 1.78 meters tall.

How old is Lance Henriksen?

Lance Henriksen is currently 83 years old.

What are some of Lance Henriksen’s notable movies?

Lance Henriksen has appeared in iconic films such as Aliens, Terminator, Near Dark, and Pumpkinhead.

What TV show earned Lance Henriksen critical acclaim?

Lance Henriksen’s performance in the TV series Millennium earned him critical acclaim and multiple award nominations.

What was Lance Henriksen’s early life like?

Lance Henriksen had a challenging childhood, spending time in foster care before pursuing acting.

How many times has Lance Henriksen been married?

Lance Henriksen has been married three times.

What are Lance Henriksen’s artistic talents?

Lance Henriksen is an accomplished painter and potter, with a passion for ceramics.

What are some of the video game characters Lance Henriksen has voiced?

Lance Henriksen has provided voices for characters such as General Shepherd in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Admiral Hackett in the Mass Effect video game trilogy.

What are some of Lance Henriksen’s recent projects?

Lance Henriksen has appeared in recent films such as Scream of the Banshee and Falling.

What is Lance Henriksen’s legacy in the entertainment industry?

Lance Henriksen’s ability to portray a wide range of characters and his influential roles in films have left a lasting impact on the industry.

How does Lance Henriksen prefer to be seen in public?

Lance Henriksen maintains a down-to-earth and humble demeanor, valuing his privacy outside of his professional work.

What can fans expect from Lance Henriksen in the future?

While specific details may not be available, Lance Henriksen’s talent and dedication will continue to be showcased in his future endeavors.

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