Ksi Net Worth

Ksi Net Worth

Who is Ksi?
Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji is best recognized by his short name Ksi. He is a YouTube celebrity originated from Britain. The name Ksi is shortened from the online alias “KSIOIajideBT”. Apart from being famous on the internet, he is also a popular actor, comedian, rapper and a white collar boxer. He was born on 19th June 1993. In April 2018, he has established himself on his own YouTube channel which has received over 4 billion views and also over 18 million subscribers within a very short period. His YouTube channel has become the 36th most subscribed channel worldwide. In 2016, Ksi has made his debut in music with “EP Keep Up”. It was a massive hit by reaching on the top of the “UK R&B Albums Chart” and also entered in the top charts in different other countries.

Ksi Net Worth:
Ksi has an estimated net worth of $11 million as of 2018. He has earned this much of money from his successful YouTube channel and his musical career. He also earned a lot as an actor and an armature boxer.

Ksi Life History:
Ksi was born in Watford, England. He dropped out from his high school in order to pursue his own dreams. He had his own definition of happiness and success. His decision of dropping out from school ridiculously affected his family members because they all believed in higher education in order to become a successful person in life. So, Ksi had to stand against his family and he had a tough time.

Ksi is known for:
Before being successful through his YouTube channel, Ksi already owned another YouTube channel named “JideJunior” and it is still online. He had created the channel on 24th April 2008. On 24th July 2009, Ksi has created his current YouTube channel. Along with a “FIFA video game”, he started his new account. Ksi had said that famous YouTubers such as Hjerpserth and Weepeler inspired him to open his account on YouTube. Though his channel was initially focused on FIFA, he used to play other games like “Grand Theft Auto V” and some other PC-based games in his other channel. Later he formed a group named “The Ultimate Sideman”, in short, “Sideman” along with four other people. In the year of 2014, Ksi has collaborated with some other popular YouTube personalities.
In 2011, Ksi made his debut as a rapper and released “Heskey Time” along with his fellow YouTuber Randolph. It was released on iTunes in 2011 just before the Christmas. He also appeared in the music videos with Droideka. Also, he collaborated with the famous British rapper Sway and has released 2 more tracks with this London-born rapper. On 23rd March 2015, Ksi has released his debut single entitled “Lamborghini” featuring rapper P Money. His debut song was released under “Dcypha Production” – a record label under Sway. On 29th October 2015, Ksi has released his debut EP. After achieving loads of success, he has released his second and third EP.

Ksi Political/Business Affiliation:
Ksi is also a famous boxer. On 3rd February 2018, he competed against his fellow YouTuber Joe Weller in his 1st White Collar Armature Boxing Match and he won the fight.

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