Kody Brown Net Worth

Kody Brown Net Worth

Kody Brown is an American Salesman and reality television show personality, best known for his polygamist views and marriages on the television reality series, Sister Wives. Since 2010, Brown and his family has brought their views of marriage and family life to the homes of many in their reality series. The estimated net worth of Kody Brown is $800 thousand.


Kody Wynn Brown was born on January 17, 1969, in Lovell, Wyoming, to William and Genielle Brown. He has nine siblings and grew up in a family where his father was a polygamist, with three wives. Although he was raised in a Mormon household, his parents struggled with the difference of the Mormon church, his father still had more than one wife. There is not much else known about Kody Brown.


Before making his appearance in the television show, Sister Wives, a reality series about the Polygamist lifestyle, Kody Brown, was an advertising executive. However, since the show first started in 2010, he and his family has brought their everyday lives to the homes of millions. He has shown that not only is it his job to show his lifestyle as a polygamist on a reality show, but to also show his life as a family man with all of his wives and and children. Brown has said in interviews, that he hopes to destroy the prejudice shown to the polygamist lifestyle, and this would be the purpose of him and his family doing the show.

Net Worth of Kody Brown

Kody Brown first made his way into homes, when TLC, introduced him and his family into the homes of millions. Many around the world could not believe that a lifestyle like his could exist and there were people who lived this lifestyle so freely. However, over the years, Kody Brown and his family has grown in the hearts of many, and fans have the chance to see that their family have as many problems as a traditional family. The net worth of Kody Brown is $800 thousand, and he owes his success to his reality television career.
Personal Life

Kody Brown’s personal life has been viewed around the world ever since the debut of the polygamist, reality series, Sister Wives, first appeared on television. Kody Brown has four wives and 17 children. Although, he has worked hard to keep his family together on and off cameras, there have been many issues that has made it across cameras on air, which has at times resulted in at least of his wives almost divorcing Brown and leaving the polygamist lifestyle. However, the Browns have worked through their issues and work hard to make sure their children has everything they need. They also focus on not paying too much attention to the negative attention and try to bring positivity to their family.


Kody Brown may live a life that many find controversial, but the views that he and his family have, are to make sure that their children are happy and have a life of great memories. The Browns have grown to be a family where traditional and non traditional can meet half way and still find the importance of what it means to be a family. Kody Brown is a man who brings a different kind of meaning to what it means to be a family man.

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