Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams Net Worth

Who is Katt Williams?
Micah Sierra Katt Williams is a famous celebrity with a huge fan following. He is a stand-up comedian, rapper, singer, actor and voice actor. He is also interested in giving voice over video games. He has started his career as a stand-up comedian and that is the primary reason to make him so popular among the audience. Through the real-life subjects, he portrays our real-life situations. His role of Money Mike in “Friday After Next”, role of Bobby Shaw in “My Wife and Kids”, “Wild ‘n Out” – these are the most important characters he has portrayed. In 2007, he got a nomination for the “Teen Choice Award” in the choice comedian category.

Katt Williams Net Worth:
Katt Williams won near about $10 million as of now. He is one of the famous and richest TV personalities. Along with a strong career in stand-up comedy, he also acted in lots of movies too. From his younger age, he started doing well as a comedian. Then he performed in the local clubs and local events. This is the way how he established himself as a comedian. Being a talented rapper he has earned huge money from his hit singles and studio albums.

Katt Williams Life History:
Micah Sierra Williams was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up in Dayton, Ohio. He had a disturbed childhood. At the age of 13, he emancipated himself from his family. Then he moved to Florida and started working as a street vendor in order to support himself. From his teenage times, Williams started performing as a stand-up comedian.

Katt Williams is known for:
When Williams started his comedy career he started performing in different clubs nationwide by 1999. He became an established comic when he appeared as a comedian on stage for the comedy club “The Improv”, “The Icehouse”, “The Hollywood Park Casino” etc. When he appeared on “BET’s Comic View”, he achieved desired fame as a comedian. In 2006, Williams has starred himself in his first comedy show special entitled “Katt Williams Live: Let a Playa Play”. Then he performed in two stand-up comedy specials for HBO. In 2007, the movie “American Hustle” has presented Williams as a mainstream comedian. After that, he got featured in second, third and fourth comedy specials for HBO till 2014. In 2018, Williams has released a brand new comedy special which was shot in Jacksonville named “Great America” which was later released on Netflix.
In 2002 Williams has made his acting debut with the film “NYPD Blue”. Along with the famous appearances in “Wild ‘n Out” and “My Wife and Kids” he also played some memorable characters as the supporting role in some of the popular films including “First Sunday”, “Norbit” etc. these films have established him as an actor. He is most recognized by the character portrayed by him in the film “Friday After Next” where he played the role of Money Mike.

Katt Williams Political/Business Affiliation:
Williams has featured himself in a video game. Being a rapper he has joined the rapper group “The Diplomats” but he was not an official member of this group. In 2009, Williams has released his first studio album and then in 2013, the second has come.

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