Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Net Worth

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Net Worth

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an American retired professional basketball player who played 20 seasons in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers. He was a six-time NBA Most Valuable Player, 19-time NBA All-Star, a 15-time All NBA selection, and an 11-time NBA All-Defensive Team. In 2016, President Barack Obama awarded Abdul-Jabbar, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The estimated net worth of Kareem Abdul Jabbar is $20 million.


Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., also known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was born on April 16, 1947, in New York City, New York, to Cora Lillian, a department store price checker, and Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr., a transit police officer and a jazz musician. As a child he was always unusually tall and at birth he weighed 12 pounds and 11 ounces. He was also 22 ½ inches long and by the time he was nine years old, he was 5’8 tall. When he was in the eighth grade, he grown to be 6’8 tall and he was able to slam dunk a basketball. By the time he reached the NBA at the age of 22, Abdul-Jabbar had reached 7’2. In high school, he led the Power Memorial Academy team to three New York City Catholic championships, with a 71 game winning streak and a 79-2 overall record. With him being one of the tallest basketball players in high school, he earned the nickname,”The Tower from Power.” He left high school with his New York City high school record, being 2,067 points. When he was in the 11th grade, his team won the national high school boys basketball championship and they were the runner-up in his senior year. Abdul-Jabbar attended the UCLA, where he played as a freshman on the basketball team in 1966. Afterwards, he played on the team from 1967-69 on the varsity team, and was a main contributor to the team, helping the team with 88 wins and two losses. `During his college career, he was named, Player of the Year twice as well as named to the First Team All-America three times. Abdul-Jabbar also played on three NCAA basketball championship teams and he was honored as the Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA Tournament. He made a name for himself in 1969, by becoming the first ever Naismith College Player of the Year. However, later in his college basketball career, the dunk would be banned because of his dominant use of the shot. It would not be allowed again, until the 1976-1977 season. In Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s junior year, he helped lead the UCLA team to face the Houston Tigers in a first ever nationally televised regular season college basketball game.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joined the Milwaukee Bucks, in the NBA, for the 1969-1970 season and was named Rookie of the Year. During the 1970-1971 season, the Bucks won the NBA and Jabbar helped lead the league in scoring over 2,500 points. He took up the name Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1971 as part of his Islamic religion. In 1975, he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and in 1984, he surpassed, basketball player’s, Wilt Chamberlain’s scoring of 31,419 points. Abdul-Jabbar retired at the end of the 1988-89 season, having been voted NBA Most Valuable Player. However, outside of basketball, he had many interests and appeared on television and films, including in his role as a copilot in the comedy film, Airplane! He published his autobiography, Giant Steps, in 1983. Some of his other writings include, Black Profiles in Courage: A Legacy of African American Achievement, Brothers in Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, The Lost History of African-American Inventors, and Coach Wooden and Me: Our 50-Year Friendship on and off the Court.

Net Worth of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s height wasn’t the only thing that mesmerized fans over the years, but also his talent as an actor and writer. He has made a name for himself outside of basketball by appearing in television shows, like Full House, Living Single, Amen, and Everybody Loves Raymond, where he played himself. His first major film debut was with Martial Arts Legend and actor, Bruce Lee, in the film, Game of Death. The net worth of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is $20 million.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an athlete who has won the hearts of fans because of his great height and historical plays as a basketball player. He has continued to strive for being great, even after all of his years of being retired. Abdul-Jabbar is a basketball player, that many aspiring athletes strive to become.

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