Judge Judy Sheindlin Net Worth

Judge Judy Sheindlin Net Worth

Known to her fans (and others) and “Judge Judy,” Judy Sheindlin nets around $47 million for helping with small claims court cases on TV. Her tendency to make fast judgments based on facts and personal opinion make her a fascinating personality.

Judge Judy Sheindlin Bio Info

Born: 21 October 1942 (age 75 years), Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Full name: Judith Susan Sheindlin
Height: Height: 1.55 m
Spouse: Jerry Sheindlin (m. 1991), Jerry Sheindlin (m. 1977–1990), Ronald Levy (m. 1964–1976)
Children: Jamie Hartwright, Gregory Sheindlin, Jonathan Sheindlin, Nicole Sheindlin, Adam Levy
Movies: CHiPs ’99
Books: Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining
Education: New York Law School (1965), American University (1963), James Madison High School, Washington College of Law

Judge Judy Sheindlin Quotes

  • A judge is supposed to be able to make a decision, and when you make a decision, very often one party – and very often both – are a little disappointed. – Judge Judy Sheindlin
  • Long before I was Judge Judy, when I was an unknown worker bee, I usually got what I wanted. – Judge Judy Sheindlin
  • When I was a practising lawyer in the family court, there were too many judges who, when you left their courtroom, you didn’t know whether you’d won or whether you’d lost. – Judge Judy Sheindlin
  • I don’t know where, or by whom, Judge Wapner was raised, but my parents taught me, when you don’t have something nice to say about someone, say nothing. – Judge Judy Sheindlin

Judge Judy Sheindlin Videos on YouTube

The legendary judge shared some of the most valuable things she’s learned over the course of her career.

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