Jorma Kaukonen Net Worth

Jorma Kaukonen Net Worth

Who Is Jorma Kaukonen?

Jorma Kaukonen’s full name is Jorma Ludwik Kaukonen and he was born in the year 1940 on December twenty third. He is a famous American folk, blues, and rock guitarist.

Jorma Kaukonen Net worth:

The net worth of Jorma Kaukonen is of about $1.4 million. His wealth comes from the decades of his career as a member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot TUNA. He also has a musical center which is spread across 125 acres of land.

Jorma Kaukonen Life History:

Jorma Kaukonen was born in the year 1940 on 23rd December in Washington D.C. in the United States of America. His mother was Beatrice Love and father was Jorma Ludwik Kaukonen Sr.

His paternal grandparents were Finnish and he had a Russian Jewish ancestry from his mother’s side. At the time of his childhood, his parents lived in Pakistan then the Philippines and other localities as his father had a career in the State Department and had to complete assignments after assignments after which they returned to his place of birth.

When Jorma was a teenager he had a friend named Jack Casady with whom he formed a band called Triumphs for which he was on the rhythm Guitar and his friend was the lead vocalist.

Then for his further studies, he went to Antioch College where he got introduced to fingerstyle guitar playing and also the music of Reverend Gary Davis who had a great influence on Jorma throughout his career.

He got married to Vanessa Kaukonen in the year 1988. After he traveled overseas he returned to California where he started to teach guitar and earned money. It was this time when he got invited by a friend to join his rock band.

The name of the band was The Jefferson Airplane was given by him and he was a joke given a nickname Blind Thomas Jefferson Airplane as parodying the names of blue legends. His guitar ranch camp is located in a vast area of about 125 acres of land in Ohio.

Jorma Kaukonen – Known For:

Jorma was on the number 54 position in the list of 100 Greatest Guitarists in the Rolling Stone Magazine. Jorma Kaukonen and Vanessa Lillian have operated one of the world’s most unique centers for the study of guitar and other instruments.

Jorma Kaukonen – Political / Business Affiliations:

Jorma invited his musical partner Jack Casady and together they used to perform and as a duo was named Hot Tuna. They have recorded more than half a dozen of records. Jorama and Vanessa Lillian have operated one of the world’s most unique centers for the study of guitar and other instruments. In 2010 Martin Guitars released the Martin M-30 Jorma Kaukonen Custom Artist Edition.

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