Jonathan Goldsmith Net Worth

Jonathan Goldsmith Net Worth

Jonathan Goldsmith is an American actor, who is known for his appearance in the commercials for Dos Equis brand beer,in 2016, as the character, The Most Interesting Man in the World. He is also known for his odd jobs he took up while in pursuit of being an actor. The estimated net worth of Jonathan Goldsmith is $8 million.


Jonathan Peter Goldsmith was born on September 26, 1938, in New York City, New York to Jewish American parents. His mother was a Conover actor, while his father was a high school track coach at James Monroe High School. After high school, Jonathan Goldsmith, attended Boston University.


Jonathan Goldsmith started his entertainment career when he first appeared the television show, Perry Mason, in 1964, as Marvin Palmer. Afterwards, Goldman took his love of acting to California, where he pursued his acting career. Unfortunately, he did not receive enough acting jobs to make ends meet and had to work odd jobs, such as driving a garbage truck and working in construction. During his early years in acting, Goldsmith took up his grandfather’s name, as Jonathan Lippe, but later changed it back to his father’s name. He first began calling himself an actor after making 25 appearances in Western films, with one of his films being, The Shootist, where he portrayed a villain. Goldsmith has also appeared in 45 television series, including, Gunsmoke, Eight is Enough, Knots Landing, The A-Team, and Dynasty. His longest run in a television, was in the show, Dallas. In the 1980’s he started network marketing businesses, Sprint and Dri Wash & Guard. His business Sprint allowed him to retire from Hollywood and focus more on teaching theater at Adelphi University. More recently, Goldsmith began writing for the True.Ink, a website which celebrates However, his most successful run at television came, 2007, when he started promoting Dos Equis Beer. The ad campaign transformed, Goldsmith into “the most interesting man in the world,” which grew sales for the brand at over 15 percent. After being replaced with French actor, Augustin Legrand, as “the most interesting man in the world,” Jonathan Goldsmith went back into television advertising for tequila.

Net Worth of Jonathan Goldsmith

Even though many know Jonathan Goldsmith as “the most interesting man in the world,” he started his career off being very interesting. With roles ranging from Westerns to various others, he has always known how to keep people interested in the roles he took on. The net worth of Jonathan Goldsmith is $8 million, and he can pay tribute for his success to his career in acting in the many different roles in television, film, and commercial. Goldsmith can also pay tribute to his ad campaign businesses as well as his teaching and writing career.


Jonathan Goldsmith has influenced people to live life by taking on many different roles in the entertainment business. He proves his influence by being a writer for True.Ink and writing about The Noble Pursuit, which influences readers to purse adventure, expertise, and kindness. Goldsmith has also grown to be known for his big heart in charity work. Some of the charity organizations he is involved in, include, the Stella Link Foundation and the Morris Animal Foundation. Jonathan Goldsmith has made a name for himself by not only being the most interesting man on television, but also behind the scenes.

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