John Frusciante Net Worth

John Frusciante Net Worth

Who Is John Frusciante?
John Frusciante’s full name is John Anthony Frusciante and he is an American singer, Guitarist, composer and a producer. He is also given the nickname of Trickfinger.

John Frusciante Net worth:
The net worth of John Frusciante is $14 Million. He earns most of his wealth from record sales. In the year 2008 his estimated earnings from the album The Bedlam in Goliath which was with the American progressive rock band The Mars Volta was $54,000. Some of the reports have even claimed that his net worth has reached up to $23 million. John’s divorce also cost him a lot of money , the court gave the decision in favor of his wife and he had to give $53,000 a month to her. Also John was forced to pay the legal expenses of Nicole which was about $71,000.
John Frusciante Life History:
John Frusciante was born in Queens in New York City on 5th of March in the year 1970 to John Sr. and Gail. His father was a pianist and his mother was a vocalist but gave up her career to be a stay at home mother. His family moved to Tuscan, Arizona and finally to Florida where his father served as a Broward County judge till the year 2010. But his parents separated and his mother moved to Santa Monica in California. John is of an Italian Descent.
After a year, John with his mother moved to Mar Vista in Los Angeles with his stepfather who according to John was supportive of his choice to be an artist. At a very young age he became involved in the L.A. Punk scenario like many other kids. When he was just nine years old he was very much influenced by the Germs and had many copies of their records.
Just in about a year he was able to play most of their songs. Then at the age of eleven he had started studying many artists like Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. When he discovered Frank Zappa he would study him for hours. In the year 1984 when his guitar instructor was auditioning as a guitarist for the band it was the first time he heard about Red Hot Chili Peppers. In the age of sixteen, with his parents’ consent he dropped out of high school and completed a proficiency test.
He then moved to L.A. with his parents’ help and started taking guitar classes at the Guitar Institute of Technology but left it shortly. In the year 2011, he married Nicole Turley who is a drummer and a lead vocalist of band Swahili Blonde. But four years into the marriage in 2015 Nicole filed for divorce.

John Frusciante – Known For:
He is best known for his work as a guitarist for the band called Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was on number 18 on Rolling Stone’s list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of all times”.

John Frusciante – Political / Business Affiliations:
He has worked with many labels like Warner Bros., American Recordings, and Birdman to name a few and has collaborated with Josh Klinghoffer and Omar Rodrigues.

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