Joey Diaz Net Worth

Joey Diaz Net Worth

Joey Diaz is a popular actor, comedian, and podcaster of Cuban American Descent. His was born Jose Antonio Diaz on February 19, 1963 in Havana. At age 3, he lost his father and the family moved to New York.

He attended McKinley School and graduated from North Bergen School in New Jersey. He won many awards in performing arts even at the school level. He also lost his mother during teenage and was looked after by four families whom he credits when talking about his successful career.

Work Profile of Joey Diaz
At first Joey Diaz tried his hand at selling roofing, but was arrested for kidnapping and robbery. He entertained his fellow inmates with his Stand-up comedy during his period there.

Diaz first routine outside prison was in 1991 at Comedy Works in Denver. He won a Beck’s Amateur Comedy Competition in Denver. He also won some more competitions before he shifted to Los Angeles for better career prospects.

He made Its Either You or the Priest a stand-up comedy in 2012 which topped the Billboard comedy charts in UK and Canada. It was also topped on iTunes

Diaz has acted as a bartender in a television series called Bronx County. This appearance made an impression on the makers of the film BASEketball who offered him a role in that movie. At the same time he acted in NYPD blue a Television series.
He got roles in movies like Analyze That, Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star, You Got Nothin, Law & Order and biggies like Taxi and Spider Man 2. He also worked in Longest Yard after his tape for audition impressed the movie makers. They also used the name “Big Tony Tedesco” which Diaz called himself in the tape.

Diaz had problems with the law due to drug abuse and deprived childhood. But he never forgot the people who helped him overcome him and honored them by making a documentary movie Where I Got My Balls From in 2012. This movie was financed partly by Diaz and partly from the funds he raised from Twitter and Facebook.

Some of Diaz’s television shows are – My Name is Earl and the Dog who Saved Christmas, The Alex Jones show, The Mentalist and a guest in Maron.

Diaz entered the podcasting scene when he was introduced by Felicia Michaels in Beauty and Da Beast in August 2010. It became quite popular and ran for 113 episodes.

Diaz has his own audio and Video Podcast which was initiated on September 2, 2012. It is called “The Church of What’s Happening Now. This Podcast has completed 500+ episodes by July 2017. This podcast also features Lee Syatt a Co-producer and a co-host for this show.

The latest from Diaz is a one hour comedy show called Sociably Unacceptable which is streamed through subscription services like Seeso and Comedy Dynamics since December 2016.

Life History
Diaz divorced his first wife in 1991. He married Terrie Clark in 2009 and has a daughter named Mercy.
Diaz has been long time-user of Cocaine drug, which nearly ruined his life and career. In 2007, he quit the substance when he saw how his cat died after ingesting it.

Awards and Recognition
Diaz has won a few Stand-up Comedy competitions.

Net worth of Joey Diaz
The Net worth of Joey Diaz is $500 thousand dollars. This amount is a sum total of his earnings as an actor, comedian and podcaster.

Joey Diaz Bio Info

Full name: Jose Antonio Diaz
Born: 19 February 1963 (age 55 years), Havana, Cuba
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: Terrie Diaz (m. 2009)
Children: Mercy Diaz
Nationality: American, Cuban

Joey Diaz Quotes

  • You can’t do nothing to me that Castro hasn’t already done. – Joey Diaz
  • I’ll use blue tube in my car. I won’t use blue tube in my wife’s car, but I’ll use it in mine. – Joey Diaz
  • I’m goin with my man Kenny Florian, even though he’s built like Jesus when they stabbed him that’s my dog! – Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz Videos on YouTube

Behold, actor, comedian and highly requested, Joey “CoCo” Diaz makes his first appearance in the Smokebox. The actor talks about how he broke into the industry, how he was first introduced to marijuana, and close friends calling while he’s in business.

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