Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

Who is Jimmy Kimmel?
Jimmy Christian Kimmel or Jimmy Kimmel is an American television personality. He is a great host, comedian, producer and a writer. He became the executive producer and the host of the famous “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” which premiered on ABC in the year of 2003. It was a late night talk show. Kimmel is the host of many prime awards shows including the Academic Award in 2017. Now, he is also scheduled to host the upcoming Academy Award in 2018. Also, he became the host for the “Primetime Emmy Awards” in the years of 2012 and 2016. Kimmel became famous as a co-host for the shows entitled “Win Ben Stein’s Show” and “Comedy Central’s The Man Show”.

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth:
According to celebrity news bulletins and famous celebrity magazines, Jimmy Kimmel holds a net worth almost $35 million as of now. His total wealth comes from his television and radio shows, hosting several stage shows and award ceremonies. He is also famous for his voice acting in several animated films and TV shows. He started working for the radio before he completed the graduation. From that time, Kimmel has started earning money. Now, he has become a millionaire.

Jimmy Kimmel Life History:
He was born on 13th November 1967 in Brooklyn, New York. Jimmy Kimmel was raised in the region of Mill Basin. He was the eldest child of his parents Joan and James Kimmel. His mother was a homemaker and father was an IBM executive. At the age of 9, his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. He completed his graduation from “Ed W. Clark High School”. After that, he went to “University of Nevada” but only for 1 year. Then Kimmel attended the “Arizona State University” for the remaining two years. He got an honorary degree in 2013.

Jimmy Kimmel is known for:
Kimmel started working for the radio when he was in the high school. After hosting a few radio shows, in 1989, he did his first paying job as a co-host for “The Me and Him” show in Washington at KZOK-FM. Kimmel started to host his own show at KCJM in California. He also worked for KRQQ in Arizona. He spent 5 years for the “Kevin and Bean” show as “Jimmy the Sports Guy”.
Kimmel has started his comedy career in 1997 for the Comedy Central. Here he worked with Ben Stein. The unique combination won the “Best Game show Host” in the Emmy Award.
Jimmy Kimmel has started his movie career in 2000 with the film named “Down to you”. Till now he has acted for several films and short films too. In 2003 he acted in the film “Windy City Hit” where he was a producer and a writer too.
Kimmel received lots of acknowledgements for his popular show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” In 2012, he received “Writers Guild of America Award” for his talent as a comedian.

Jimmy Kimmel Political/Business Affiliation:
Jimmy Kimmel is not only a successful comedian or a host. He is also a successful producer. He has produced 4 television shows along with a film production. In 2017, he produced 4 episodes of “Big Fan”. Also, he is a creative writer.

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