Jim McMahon Net Worth

Jim McMahon Net Worth

Who Is Jim McMahon?

Jim McMahon is a former American football player. He was born in the year 1959 born on August 21 in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States of America. His full name is James Robert McMahon, Jr.

Jim McMahon Net worth:

The net worth of Jim McMahon is estimated to be of about $15 million. He also earns from his restaurant business as well after his retirement from the game. But he has earned most of his wealth by playing for the NFL teams.

Jim McMahon Life History:

Jim McMahon was born in the year 1959 on August 21 in Jersey City, New Jersey in the United States of America. He was raised in San Jose, California as the family had moved there when he was just three years old.

He played secondary school football his green bean and sophomore years at Andrew Hill High School in San Jose and played his lesser and senior years at Roy High School in Roy, Utah, graduating in 1977.

McMahon met Nancy Daines at BYU, and the couple wedded following four years of dating in 1982. They have four kids together but they separated in 2009.

McMahon is presently in an association with Laurie Navon, whom he met in 2006. McMahon utilizes cannabis to treat the ceaseless agony and joint inflammation that he experiences because of his football career.

He calls cannabis a “blessing” that enabled him to totally wipe out his painkiller propensity which he says included 100 Percocet pills a month. On November 6, 2010, McMahon confessed to having memory issues because of wounds endured on the football field. McMahon was cited as saying, ‘There are a lot of times when I stroll into a room and overlook why I went in there.’

He had played college football at Brigham Young University, where he was a two-time All-American (1980, 1981) and later in the professional ranks with the Chicago Bears, San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, and Green Bay Packers.

Jim McMahon – Known For:

Jim McMahon is known for his amazing football career. He had won two Super Bowl titles, the first with the Bears in Super Bowl XX where he was the beginning quarterback, and the second with their opponents, the Green Bay Packers, in Super Bowl XXXI where he was reinforcement to Brett Favre.

McMahon was enlisted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1998. In December of the year, 2006 McMahon went to Iraq with the USO to visit American forces in the field. In the year 2012 in November McMahon appeared on an episode of the show The League called The Tailgate.

Jim McMahon – Political / Business Affiliations:

Jim McMahon had been associated with and had been the part owner of the Indoor Football League’s Chicago Slaughter. After his retirement from the game, he has worked as a restaurant owner and motivational speaker.

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