Jim Edmonds Net Worth

Jim Edmonds Net Worth

Jim Edmonds is a an American former Major League Baseball player, who made his name as being a center fielder for several different teams, including, the St. Louis Cardinals, the California Anaheim Angels, the San Diego Padres, the Chicago Cubs, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Cincinnati Reds. Edmonds was popular in the sports world because of his catches as well as his batting and home run averages. The estimated net worth of Jim Edmonds is $35 million.


James Patrick Edmonds was born on June 27, 1970, in Fullerton, California. When he was a child his parents divorced and they agreed on joint custody of him. Edmonds attended Diamond Bar High School, in Eastern Los Angeles. After the divorce, Edmonds became a fan of the Anaheim Angels and even went to see some of the games, because of the Anaheim Stadium being 15 miles away from his home. His love of the game led him to pursue his dream as being a professional baseball player.


Jim Edmonds started his career in Major League Baseball in 1988, after being drafted in the seventh round by the California Angels. After the draft he was assigned to the Bend, Bucks, in Bend, Oregon, and the Angels’ A-short season affiliate in the Northwest League. In 1988, his beginning baseball career, led him to play 35 games .221 hits. The following year, he was promoted to the Quad Cities Angels, the Class-A Affiliate, in the Midwest League. With this promotion to this league, he played 31 games and hit .261. Advancing in his career, in 1990. Edmonds was on the High-A team in the California League. With his advanced promotion to an A-team, he played 91 games and hit .293. He continued his season in the High-A team for the 1991 season, but in 1992, he was promoted to the Double-A with the Midland Angels, in the Texas League. While playing for the Midland team, he hit .313 and played 70 games, and he was then promoted the same year to the Triple-A Edmonton Trappers and played 50 games. In 1993, Triple-A teams were changed, and this meant that Edmonds played for Vancouver, Canada. Before starting the 2000 season, he was traded to St. Louis for second baseman Adam Kennedy and pitcher Kent Bottenfield. During his career, Edmonds, played mostly played the center field, but he also played first base at times as well. While playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, he hit more than 30 home runs in five seasons and kept a .285 career batting average. He also had 1,199 runs in his career with Cardinals also. He was at the height of his career in 2004, when .301 and had a .643 slugging percentage. In the 2004 National League Championship Series, he hit an extra-inning home run to win game six. However, game seven helped the Cardinals win the pennant. Jim Edmonds, had become so successful in his career in 2006, that he helped the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series, which was a big success that hadn’t happened since 1982. In 2007, he was traded to the San Diego Padres, in exchange for prospect, David Freese. In 2008, he was released from the Padres, where he then went to the Chicago Cubs, where he was not well received. He signed for one year as a left-handed bat , but after joining the Cubs, he hit .300 with eight home runs in his first six weeks. During the 2009 season, Edmonds did not play, because he didn’t receive an offer that he and his agent was happy with. In 2010, he signed a deal with minor leagues, with the Milwaukee Brewers, and he was soon added to the major league and later that year he was traded to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for Chris Dickerson. In 2011, he signed a minor league contract with the St. Louis Cardinals, but his strained Achilles, caused him to announce his retirement from baseball on February 18, 2011. However, in 2013, Fox Sports Midwest, announced that Jim Edmonds would be apart of their St. Louis Cardinal broadcasting crew. He worked as an analyst on Cardinals Live, during the pregame and post-game broadcasts. After retiring from baseball, Jim Edmonds, became 50 percent owner of the restaurant, Jim Edmonds 15 Steakhouse, but it closed in September 2013. By December 2013, he reopened the restaurant space, calling it The Precinct. In 2015, The Precinct closed.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Jim Edmonds has made such a name for himself, that his hard work has truly paid off over the years. His awards and acknowledgements are proof that Edmonds has earned his name as a well known major league baseball player. Since becoming a professional baseball player, he has earned the Silver Slugger Award, the Gold Glove Award, and was voted fifth in being the Most Valuable Player. His years of being a baseball player has made him a sports legend in the eyes of many.

Net Worth of Jim Edmonds

Since his beginning years of starting out in baseball, Edmonds has been very influential in his career. He is an example of how far one can go in their career if there is consistent motivation and stride made to achieve their dreams. Jim Edmonds had pushed himself with his passion and love of baseball since he was a child and even played in high school. Jim Edmonds’ net worth is
$35 million, and he owes his success to his much respected career in baseball as well as his broadcasting career. Some tribute can be paid to his life after baseball as a restaurant owner, but it doesn’t compare to his years spent pursuing his passion in baseball.

Personal Life

Jim Edmonds has had an active personal life, just as much as a professional life. Edmonds has two daughters with his deceased ex-wife, Lee Ann Edmonds. In 2008, he married his second wife, Allyson Jayne Raski, and they welcomed two children as well, but later divorced in 2014. Jim Edmonds went on to marry Meghan O’Toole King, in 2014, who joined the cast of the television reality series, Real Housewives of Orange County. On Thanksgiving Day, in 2016, the couple had their daughter, and in November in 2017, they had announced the Meghan’s pregnancy of their twin boys.


Jim Edmonds may have made his name by being a major league baseball player, but he also made a name for himself, because of his hard work and drive towards having a great professional career. From the beginning of his career to the owning of his restaurants, he has been driven to keep hard work as part of his routine to living his life. He is known as a great baseball player with a great record and will always be known as the baseball player who won the World Series in 2006 and made a name for himself that is incomparable to others.

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