Jim Breuer Net Worth

Jim Breuer Net Worth

Who is Jim Breuer?
Jim Breuer (Birth Name- James E. Breuer) born on June 21, 1967, in Valley Stream, New York, USA is an American stand-up comedian, actor, musician, and radio host. His father Jim Breuer Sr. was a veteran of World War II. As a professional, he has performed stand-up in numerous genres like improvisational comedy, character comedy, observational comedy and many more. Currently, he is living in Chester Township, New Jersey with his wife and three daughters.

Net Worth
The salary of Jim is not revealed exactly but according to some estimations his net worth is $3 million.

Life History
From his very early age of lime, Jim was highly attracted towards the field of stand-up comedy and aiming to develop his career in the same field. As a result of his so much love for stand-up comedy, he has become a popular and well known stand-up comedian around the globe. Jim started his television career with a television show broadcasted weekly and named as Uptown Comedy Club. After this, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live for approximately three years from 1995 to 1998 which brought him to attention nationwide during his seasons. In 1998 he hosted a show named as “The Jim Breuer Show” on MTV. His speedy journey started with his Comedy Central specials such as “Hardcore”, released in the year 2002 and “Let’s Clear The Air in the year 2009 which was highly rated comedy show in the history and brought him into the limelight. His next comedy special “And Laughter For All” released in the year 2013 was highly rated original comedy special. He was a sit-in comedian on the Opie and Anthony Show for many years. Jim has also published a book “I’m Not High”.

Known For
Jim is known for his achievements comprising of getting into the list of Comedy Central’s 100 greatest stand-ups of all time and associations with “Half Baked”. His very popular characters include Glen Henderson and Goat Boy. Jim Breuer had no political affiliations nut once he was into a little controversy when postponed a show in the North American Tour.
Not only this, Jim was a fan of baseball as well, highlighted as he has posted video posts on his social networking account many times. Jim loves his family very much and is the reason he started “Breuniversity Tour” with his 85-year old father and crew. He had a very clear motto in the life of defeating the fear by finding humor in day-to-day life.
In his few interviews he has also stated that initially, he has lived in a very low financial background in his growing age but unconditional love and support of his family has brought him into a good stage that he started contributing in raising his family and now is the time when he has ample amount of name, fame, and money to live a good and happy life and giving the same to his family.

Final Words
Jim Breuer is a star who has made his fans fall in love with not only his stand-up comedy performances but as a nice human being too. He has also proved himself as an inspiration for many people by not giving up towards his dreams and following passion.

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