Jim Bakker Net Worth

Jim Bakker Net Worth

Who is Jim Bakker?
James Orsen Bakker is mostly recognized by Jim Bakker. He is a famous American televangelist, a convicted felon, former Assemblies of God Minister and former host with Tammy Faye Bakker (former wife of Jim Bakker) of “The PTL Club” – an evangelical Christian television program. This famous person was born on 2nd January 1940. Jim Bakker is also popular for founding “Heritage USA in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This was a Christian theme park and opened from 1987 to 1989. Jim Bakker is also a famous writer and has written several books such as “I Was Wrong”, “Time Has Come: How to Prepare Now for Epic Events Ahead”. He had to suffer for a serious controversy regarding a rape case and he had to leave the ministry post. This incident led him to the conviction, jail, and divorce. After getting released from imprisonment, Bakker returned to televangelism with “The Jim Bakker Show” and remarried.

Jim Bakker Net Worth:
According to the celebrity magazines, Jim Bakker owns an approximate net worth of $500 thousand as of now. He has earned this much of money from his several shows on television and becoming the host of lots of popular television shows including “The PTL Club”. Bakker is the creator of the “Praise the Lord Show” when he worked at the Christian Broadcasting Network of Pat Robertson. In spite of his legal issues and controversies, he is quite a rich celebrity in these days.

Jim Bakker Life History:
Jim Bakker was born in Muskegon, Michigan in the US. He is the son of Furnia Lynette and Raleigh Bakker. He went to the North Central University. This is basically a Bible College and is affiliated with “the Assembly of God” in Minneapolis. He met his fellow student – Tammy Faye LaValley in that college in the year of 1960. In Minneapolis, Bakker used to work at a restaurant whereas Tammy Faye was an employee at a boutique named “Three Sisters”. On 1st April 1961, they got married. After that, both of them left their college to turn into evangelists. They have 2 children. On 13th March 1992, they got divorced. Jim Bakker remarried o a former televangelist – Lori Beth Graham.

Jim Bakker is known for:
Jim Bakker has started his professional career in 1966 when he started working for the Christian Broadcast Network. Then he grabbed the audience attraction at no times and became a celebrity. Their founded theme park became the 3rd most-successful in the 80s.
After returning from jail and remarriage, Jim Bakker made a fresh start of his career. He then started to broadcast “The Jim Bakker Show” on a regular basis with his second wife Lori at “Studio City Café” in Branson, Missouri. This show has gained a huge popularity among the audience and Bakker has earned a lot from it. On the program, Bakker sells dried food to the audience to make a preparation for the end of days.

Jim Bakker Political/Business Affiliation:
In a video released in October 2017, Bakker has stated that “God will punish those who will ridicule him. He stated that Hurricane Harvey was the judgment made by God.

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