Jessica Parido Net Worth

Jessica Parido Net Worth

Jessica Parido is a reality television personality and social media guru, who is best known for her appearances on the hit Bravo series, Shahs of Sunset, with her ex husband, Mike Shouhed. She is so well known on social media, that she has over 400 thousand followers on Instagram as well as 30 thousand followers on Twitter. The estimated net worth of Jessica Parido is $3 million.


Jessica Anner Parido was born on December 12, 1988, in Orange County, California. She is the daughter of a Fiji Water Executive, but not much else is known about her parents or years growing up as a child. Growing up as an Iranian-American, Parido had a strong interest in acting as a child, and even auditioned for roles in school and performed on stage. Parido was homeschooled until she was around 15 years old. However, once she entered high school, she attended, LACC Theatre Academy. Jessica Parido grew up with a sister, Kristina Parido.


Before being a well known reality television personality, Jessica Parido, was a registered nurse, in Beverly Hills. She is also the owner of an online women’s clothing store, called GLAM ENVY, LLC. However, after her appearance on the Shahs of Sunset, she gained a huge following on social media. Her popularity as a social media guru, has made her a well known name in the entertainment industry. Appearing on the Shahs of Sunset, between 2012-2016, with her ex husband, Mike Shouhed, also helped her popularity grow.

Net Worth of Jessica Parido
Jessica Parido’s fame and success has been continuous rise since her appearance on Shahs of Sunset. Her success as an online store owner has put her at new levels with the entertainment industry as well as social media. The net worth of Jessica Parido is $3 million, and because of her store and appearances on Shahs of Sunset, is why she has become so successful.

Personal Life

Jessica Parido’s personal life has been somewhat up and down, starting with her marriage to her now ex husband, Mike Shouhed. Four months after their marriage, they were divorced, but married again and then divorced again, with the divorce being filed in 2015 and finalized in 2017. However, before her unfortunate relationship issues, Parido had been diagnosed with cancer. After her battle with the illness, she went on to star in the show, Shahs of Sunset. Since her divorce from Shouhed, she started to date, Karlen “Chris” Shubaralyan, a man who is now facing 25 years and eight months in prison after facing felony counts of domestic abuse against his ex wife.


Jessica Parido has worked hard to become someone who is known on social media and she did not let her battle with cancer stop her. From being a online women’s clothing store owner to being a popular social media personality, Parido has come a long way with her success. She also seems to be continuing on the path of being known world wide with her new form of success.

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