Jerry Stiller Net Worth

Jerry Stiller Net Worth

Who is Jerry Stiller
Jerry Stiller is an American comedian, actor and writer. His comedy team with wife Maera was very popular in the 70s. He was born Gerald Isaac Stiller on June 8 1927. His parents Bus conductor William Stiller and mother Bella are Jews, immigrants from Poland and Ukraine. Jerry went to Seward Park High School. He was drafted into the army for World War II.
Later he earned a bachelor degree from Syracuse University in Speech and Drama.

Work Profile
After graduation, Stiller joined the Phoenix Theatre and formed the “best trio of Shakespearian Clowns” with Gene Saks and Jack Klugman.
His career took off on Television when he teamed with his wife Meara in the 1960s and 1970s. They worked together on The Ed Sullivan Show, five minute Sketch comedy “Take five with Stiller and Meara”, HBO Sneak Previews, Game show – Tattletales and a sitcom The Stiller and Meara Show. The Husband-wife due were also a part of radio commercials like Blue Nun Wine. They continued their partnership in 2010 with an episode appearance in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They also have a Yahoo web series where they discussed trending topics.

The TV show list of Stiller goes – Studio One in Hollywood, The Defenders, Linus the Lionhearted, Joe and Sons, The Paul Lynde Show, Monsters, Fish Hooks, Teacher’s Pet, American Playhouse and Television movies like How Murray Saved Christmas, Madame X, Sweet 15, Women & Men 2 and Ice Dreams.

The aging Steller got a chance to display his acting skills in 26 episodes of the popular comedy series Seinfeld. He acted as a short tempered father of George Constanza , which brought him an American Comedy Award and an Emmy nomination. He holds his role as Arthur Spooner in 195 episodes of the ”The King of Queens” as special as he felt that it tested his acting skills.
His movie appearances include The Heartbreak Kid, The Ritz, Highway to Hell, Airport 1975, Those Lips, Those Eyes, Hairspray, Secret of the Andes, Serving Sara, A Fish in the Bathtub, The Deli, Nadine, Freefall, Little Vegas, My 5 Wives, On the Line, Heavyweights, Zoolander and Hot Pursuit Plus. He gave voiceover for the Lion King 1 ½, Foodfight!, Planes: Fire & Rescue.
Stiller acted in small skits that were displayed during opening and closing of concert tours of Rock band Rushin 2004, World tour DVD in 2005 and Snakes & Arrows Tour in 2007 – 2008.

Stiller published his autobiography –Married to Laughter: A Love Story Featuring Anne Meara in the year 2000.

Life History of Jerry Stiller
Stiller married Anne Meara in 1954 and they were together till her death in 2015. They had two children Ben Stiller and Amy Stiller who are both actors.

Awards and Recognition
Stiller has received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame along with his wife Meara.
He won the Funniest Male Guest Appearance award at the American Comedy Award for his role in Seinfeld. He also was nominated for an Emmy for this role.

Net Worth of Jerry Stiller
Jerry is in the acting profession for the 15 years. His net worth as an actor and comedian is $12.5 million.

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