Jermaine O’Neal Net Worth

Jermaine O’Neal Net Worth

Who Is Jermaine O’Neal?

Jermaine O’Neal is born on October 13 in the year 1978 and he is a former American professional basketball player. His full name is Jermaine Lee O’Neal. He has just not made a recognizable but a very respectable place in Sports.

Jermaine O’Neal Net Worth:

The net worth of Jermaine O’Neal is $70. His per annum income is not yet revealed. He has a house in Henderson which costs about $3.55million. He also owned a house at sedgemoor circle which was an estimated $3 million but he sold it at a loss.

Jermaine O’Neal Life History:

Jermaine O’Neal was born on October 13 in the year 1978 in Columbia, South Carolina, America. His full name is Jermaine Lee O’Neal. He with his brother was raised by their mother Angela Ocean. As her mother had to work really hard to support the two sons they were left most of the time on their own.

Jermaine had found his love for the sport at a very young age. Although he used to enjoy basketball and football, his favorite had always been basketball. Every year during summers he used to play for an AAU team and had always impressed people who watched with his athleticism and his ability to hold the ball in both his hands. When he was fourteen years old he had become a confident Guard and could drain three-pointers.

On his very first meeting with coach George Glymph in Eau Claire High School of the Arts in the year 1992, he had made a very bold promise of becoming the best player in the school history. During his first year, there was not much that he could bring to the game but all of this changed in the next one and a half year.

Just like his ideal Russell he had also become a defensive powerhouse. They when he turned sixteen he raised his profile once again. At an ABCD summer basketball camp, he had outplayed Tim Thomas who was arising start at the time. And not much time had passed until he started receiving recruitment letters from a number of prestigious colleges.

But the same year he had to face many problems, the District Attorney had contemplated prosecuting him for rape when he and his girlfriend were found partially nude in bed together by her father. The DA did not prosecute him but at this point in his life his coach stepped in and brought discipline in his life. This was also the time when his mother had met a new man named Abraham Kennedy who also guided him to get back on track.

He is now married to Mesha and has two children.

Jermaine O’Neal- Known For:

Jermaine O’Neal is best known for his professional basketball career. He was voted NBA All-Star six times. Made the All-NBA teams three times and also was voted as the NBA most improved player in the 2001-02 season.

He had won a gold medal in FIBA American Championship and Goodwill Games in the year 2001 and in the year 2002 respectively.

Jermaine O’Neal – Political / Business Affiliations:

Jermaine O’Neal owns his own recording studio which is named Bogota Entertainment in Atlanta.

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