Jeremy Lin Net Worth

Jeremy Lin Net Worth

Who is Jeremy Lin?

Jeremy Lin is a professional basketball player based in America who plays on behalf of the Brooklyn Nets of The National Basketball Association or NBA. Jeremy was born on 23rd of August, 1988. He has a height of 6 ft 3 inches.

Jeremy Lin Net Worth

Jeremy Lin is an exceptionally talented young basketball player who has a whooping net worth of about $170 million. His income resources are his game and endorsements. He currently plays for Brooklyn Nets who have signed him up for a three year deal with $38.3 million. His estimated income is $14.9 million. His position in the team is as a point guard now.

Life History of Jeremy Lin

Jeremy was born in Torrance. He is Asian American origin raised in a Christian family. He attended his high school in Palo Alto High School. He started playing basketball quite early in his career. His high school his records, later got him into the top Ivy League college, Harvard after going through a recruiting process.

Jeremy’s career in basketball starred in 2010 when he played for Golden State Warriors for a year. After a year off season, he joined New York Knicks for a year. In 2012, Lin joined Houston Rockets by landing a twenty five million deal Two years later he was traded with Los Angeles Lakes where again he got a hefty sum. His talent got him through some of the best NBA teams. Lin presently plays for Brooklyn Nets (since 2016). Although he has sighed a three year deal, he has no restrictions on quitting. His game is getting better with every season.

Jeremy Lin is known for

As a player, Jeremy is known for his exceptional performance in the court. He won the ABA Club championship in 2011. Lin has played for some of the best teams in NBA. The twenty nine year old player has a huge fan base. Jeremy Lin got famous when in 2012 he got lead win turnaround with the New York Knick. Post the win, his fans called him ‘Linsanity’ of the game. Jeremy even got tagged as the most popular player of the decade by the New York Times. He inspires young players to follow their dreams.

Business Affiliations of Jeremy Lin

The tall Asian American player endorses some of the big brands which adds on heavily to his annual earnings. His endorsement brands include Nike, Adidas and Volvo. He also endorses small brands. He even gets paid for making celebrity appearances in different parts of the world. His annual income from these endorsements alone is 4 million dollars.

Final words

Jeremy Lin worked his way up to be one of the highest paid players in NBA. His net worth is a proof of his struggle. Despite being subjected to racial discriminations early in his career, Jeremy has been able to shine as a star player. His hard work makes him one of the leading basketball player in America.

Jeremy Lin Bio Info

Full name: Jeremy Shu-How Lin
Born: 23 August 1988 (age 29 years), Torrance, California, United States
Height: 1.91 m
Nationality: American
NBA draft: 2010

Jeremy Lin Quotes

  • I have an economics degree with a minor in sociology. The reason I have that is because I want to do a ministry in urban areas and help with underprivileged kids. – Jeremy Lin
  • I’m not playing for other people; if I start thinking in those terms I would put too much pressure on myself. I play basketball because that is what I love to do. – Jeremy Lin
  • I’m going to make mistakes, I just have to be able to learn from them as quickly as possible. To learn faster, I watch film of myself and other good point guards, and then breaking down my mistakes and really analyzing them and seeing where I could have made better decisions. – Jeremy Lin
  • My best career decision was probably not giving up when I wanted to. God, as well as my family and friends, were there for me during my toughest times. – Jeremy Lin
  • Sometimes you come up against a mountain and you end up making the mountain seem bigger than God. – Jeremy Lin

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