Jenny McCarthy Net Worth

Jenny McCarthy Net Worth

Who Is Jenny McCarthy?

Jenny McCarthy is an actress, model, author, TV show host, and an activist. She has extraordinary talent and amazing communication skills that made her what she is today.

Jenny McCarthy Net Worth:

Since she is a very talented person, her net worth is $15 million. This can be considered a pretty decent amount for a magazine cover girl. She gives her best in her field and works hard.

Jenny McCarthy Life History:

Jennifer Ann McCarthy was born on 1st November 1972 and her upbringing was done in Illinois U.S. During her teenage years she attended Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School and when she was at the high school level she attended St. Laurence High School and Brother Rice High School. She was also a cheerleader in both of them.

She also attended the Southern Illinois University for two whole years. She got married to the famous American actor and director, John Asher in 1999. But unfortunately their marriage didn’t last long and they separated in 2005. Later, in 2014 she got married to the popular singer and song writer Donnie Wahlberg.

She started her career by modeling for the magazine Playboy at an early age. That is when she first started to rise to fame. She also started to develop a career as a TV show host and starred in various movies as well. She is also a talented author and has written books about parenting related stuff. She is currently working as an activist and promotes research regarding autism treatments and environmental causes. Her autobiography Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy’s Open Book was released in 1997.

Since she was young she has pursued many different fields and has achieved success in all of them. She started her career in 1993 and was selected among thousands of applicants for modeling for Playboy. At that time she was offered $ 20,000 for posing for the Playboy cover. Later, the Playboy chose her as the Playmate of the Year and she was paid a hefty amount of $100,000. In 1994 she hosted various rock shows and was featured in music videos that were uncensored. This caused an increment in her fame. Due to all the attention she got from the general public, she was offered to host the MTV dating show known as “Singled Out.” She also made an appearance at the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) during the same year.

She got a major role in the movie “BASEketball” in 1998 and in the famous horror movie Scream 3 in the year 2000. In 2014, she was up for the Favorited New Talk Show Host in the USA for People’s Choice Awards.

Jenny McCarthy Known For:

Jenny McCarthy is known for her career in modeling (especially for Playboy), acting, screen play writing, hosting TV shows. She is also an activist.

Jenny McCarthy Political / Business Affiliations:

Jenny McCarthy’s earning were from many different fields and the appearances she made. She is an environmental activist along with expressing concerns regarding alternative treatments for autism.

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