Jeff Probst Net Worth

Jeff Probst Net Worth

Who is Jeff Probst?

Jeff Probst is an American executive producer and a popular game show host. He won the Emmy Award for the reality show named Survivor. He was also the host of a daytime talk show that is syndicated based- The Jeff Probst Show from 2012 to 2013.

Jeff Probst Net Worth:

His net worth is a whopping $45 million that increases year by year. He earns about $4 million from the reality show Survivor which is by far, one of the most successful shows on TV. According to People magazine, he was among the 50 most beautiful people in 2001.

Jeff Probst Life History:

Jeff was born in Wichita, in Kansas. He is the son of Jerry and Barbara Probst. He completed his high school graduation in the year 1979. He served as a producer, narrator, and handled the marketing section of the Motion Picture Studio.

He also hosted FX network’s original show based on half-an-hour. The show was mainly focused on replying to the letters of the viewers with Sound FX. This was identified as a music series that presented Orlando Jones. Rock & Roll Jeopardy, the famous VH1 series was also hosted by him. Access Hollywood was a syndicated program for which he was the communicator. Finder’s Fee was a film launched by Lionsgate that was both written and directed by him.

He also made an appearance for Celebrity Jeopardy! twice in the year 2001 and 2003. He also did guest appearances and cameos in the year 2010 as well. He found The Serpentine Project in 2007. It was a non-profit organization that helped young adults who just moved out from foster care. The organization is in association with The Alliance For Children’s Rights.

In 2012 he directed the movies Kiss Me. The production took place in Los Angeles, in California and John Corbett and Sarah Bolger were featured. He launched Stranded in 2013 in collaboration with Tebbetts. It was Scholastic’s initial adventure series. He also appeared on the popular sitcom, Life in Pieces in the episode that was titled “Swim Survivor Zen Talk”.

He married Shelley Wright in 1996. She was a psychotherapist and their marriage lasted till 2001. He started to date Julie Berry in 2004 but they broke up in 2008. He then got married to Lisa Ann Russell in 2011. The children consider all four to be their parents and he is on good terms with his wife.

Being an executive producer, director, and a dedicated game show host, Jeff Probst climbed the ladders of success through his hard work, dedication, and diligence. His appearances in T.V series and his hosting of the show Survivor brought him on the map and made him rise to fame.

Jeff Probst Known For:

Jeff Probst is known for being a producer, Emmy award winner celebrity, reporter, and a reality show host.

Jeff Probst Political / Business Affiliations:

As far his business affiliations are concerned, reality shows and television series made him what he is today.

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