Janet McTeer Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Janet McTeer, a British actress, has had a successful career in both film and television. She has appeared in numerous acclaimed movies and TV shows, earning accolades and recognition for her performances. Along with her career achievements, McTeer has amassed a net worth of approximately $4 million.

Key Takeaways:

  • Janet McTeer’s net worth is around $4 million.
  • She has had a successful career in both film and television.
  • McTeer has appeared in numerous acclaimed movies and TV shows.
  • She has earned recognition and accolades for her performances.
  • Her net worth is a result of both her career earnings and investments.

Janet McTeer’s Early Years, Bio, and Education

Janet McTeer, a talented British actress, was born on August 5, 1961, in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Growing up in a small village in Yorkshire, McTeer discovered her passion for acting at a young age.

She attended Queen Anne Grammar School for Girls, where her love for the performing arts continued to flourish. Recognizing her potential, McTeer decided to pursue her dreams by pursuing further education and training.

To refine her skills and immerse herself in the world of acting, McTeer enrolled at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. This renowned institution provided her with a solid foundation and helped shape her into the versatile actress she is known as today.

Janet McTeer’s early years, combined with her determination and educational background, laid the groundwork for her successful career in the entertainment industry.

Professional Career of Janet McTeer

Janet McTeer has established herself as a versatile actress, excelling in theater, film, and television. Her remarkable career highlights her exceptional talent and ability to captivate audiences across different mediums.

In 1984, McTeer made her London theatrical debut, marking the beginning of a successful journey in the world of theater. She has been part of numerous acclaimed productions, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress. Her performances on the stage have earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

In addition to her theater work, McTeer has made a significant impact in the film industry with her memorable roles. She has been a part of several successful movies, including:

  • Tumbleweeds: A heartwarming drama that earned McTeer critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.
  • The Woman in Black: A chilling supernatural thriller that showcased her ability to deliver a captivating and suspenseful performance.
  • Maleficent: A blockbuster fantasy film where McTeer brought depth and complexity to her character, captivating audiences worldwide.

McTeer’s talent has also shone through in the realm of television. She has taken on notable roles in shows such as “Into the Storm” and “The White Queen,” further solidifying her status as a versatile and accomplished actress on both the big and small screens.

Janet McTeer’s Key Works

Film Year
Tumbleweeds 1999
The Woman in Black 2012
Maleficent 2014
Into the Storm 2019
The White Queen 2013

Janet McTeer Professional Career

Janet McTeer’s ability to bring depth, authenticity, and nuance to her characters has made her a highly sought-after actress in the entertainment industry. Her professional journey is a testament to her dedication, talent, and versatility, making her a true powerhouse in the world of acting.

Janet McTeer’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Janet McTeer’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. Her successful acting career and involvement in lucrative projects have contributed to her financial success. McTeer has worked on a range of films and TV shows, earning substantial earnings throughout her career.

Along with her on-screen work, McTeer has also made wise investment decisions, further bolstering her net worth. One notable investment includes a luxurious flat on the Upper West Side, showcasing her astute financial sense.

With her talent, dedication, and financial acumen, Janet McTeer has built a substantial net worth that reflects her achievements in the entertainment industry.

Janet McTeer’s Recognized Films

Janet McTeer has been a part of several commercially successful films that have not only garnered critical acclaim but also contributed significantly to her overall net worth. Some of these recognized films include:

  1. The Woman in Black
  2. Maleficent
  3. Me Before You

Below are the box office earnings of these movies:

Film Box Office Earnings
The Woman in Black $127 million
Maleficent $758.5 million
Me Before You $208.3 million

Janet McTeer’s performances in these films have showcased her versatility and talent, contributing to her success in the film industry.

Janet McTeer Recognized Films

Janet McTeer’s Awards and Achievements

Janet McTeer’s exceptional talent and dedication to her craft have earned her numerous accolades throughout her illustrious career. Her remarkable performances on stage, screen, and television have garnered critical acclaim and established her as one of the most respected actresses in the industry.

McTeer’s outstanding contributions to the world of theater have been recognized with several prestigious awards. She has won the Tony Award, the highest honor in American theater, for her mesmerizing portrayal in the Broadway production of “A Doll’s House.” Additionally, McTeer has received the Laurence Olivier Award, one of the most esteemed accolades in British theater, for her compelling performances in “A Doll’s House” and “Mary Stuart.” Her ability to bring complex characters to life on stage has earned her the Drama Desk Award as well.

Not only has McTeer excelled in the world of theater, but she has also received acclaim for her work in film and television. She has been nominated for prestigious awards such as the Academy Award, the Golden Globe Award, and the Olivier Award, demonstrating her versatility and skill across different mediums.

“The accolades bestowed upon Janet McTeer are a testament to her immense talent and the impact she has had on the entertainment industry. Her ability to captivate audiences and portray characters with depth and nuance is truly remarkable.” – Entertainment Weekly

As an artist, McTeer continues to push boundaries and deliver memorable performances. Her dedication to her craft and her ability to bring authenticity to every role have solidified her status as a true master of her craft.

Notable Awards and Nominations:

  • Academy Award nominee
  • Golden Globe Award nominee
  • Tony Award winner
  • Laurence Olivier Award winner
  • Drama Desk Award winner

Janet McTeer’s Television Roles

In addition to her work in film and theater, Janet McTeer has also made notable appearances on television. Her talent and versatility shine through in the range of characters she has portrayed on the small screen.

“Sense and Sensibility”

One of Janet McTeer’s memorable television roles was in the critically acclaimed adaptation of “Sense and Sensibility.” Based on Jane Austen’s classic novel, McTeer brought depth and emotional nuance to her portrayal of Mrs. Dashwood, a resilient and caring mother.


McTeer also showcased her versatility in the dark comedy series “Psychoville.” She captivated audiences with her portrayal of Maureen Sowerbutts, a complex character with a mysterious and disturbing past.

“Jessica Jones”

Janet McTeer made a significant impact with her guest appearance in the Marvel series “Jessica Jones.” She portrayed Alisa Jones, a complex and tragic character with a deep connection to the show’s protagonist. McTeer’s powerful performance garnered critical acclaim and further showcased her talent.

Through her television roles, Janet McTeer has demonstrated her ability to bring depth and authenticity to a variety of characters. Her talent and versatility continue to captivate audiences and solidify her status as a respected actress in both film and television.

Janet McTeer Television Roles

Janet McTeer’s Personal Life

Janet McTeer, known for her remarkable acting career, leads a private and low-key personal life, keeping her private affairs out of the public eye. She is married to Joseph Coleman, and the couple resides in London, England.

Despite their fame, McTeer and Coleman prefer to maintain a low-profile presence on social media, focusing on privacy and personal happiness.

Janet McTeer’s personal life reflects her dedication to balancing her professional achievements with the importance of privacy and personal well-being.

Janet McTeer’s Impact and Legacy

Janet McTeer has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry through her extraordinary talent and captivating performances. Her contributions to film, theater, and television have established her as a highly respected and versatile actress.

Throughout her career, McTeer has showcased her immense range as an actress, effortlessly transitioning between dramatic and comedic roles. Her ability to embody complex characters and bring them to life on screen and stage is a testament to her exceptional acting skills.

McTeer’s impact extends beyond her individual performances. She has served as an inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and reach for greatness. Her dedication to her craft and unwavering commitment to delivering powerful performances have set a high standard in the industry.

As time goes on, Janet McTeer’s legacy will continue to shape the future of acting. Her body of work will serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come, reminding them of the transformative power of storytelling and the beauty of the performing arts.


What is Janet McTeer’s net worth?

Janet McTeer has an estimated net worth of approximately million.

Can you tell me about Janet McTeer’s career?

Janet McTeer has had a successful career in film, theater, and television. She has appeared in acclaimed movies and TV shows, showcasing her exceptional talent as an actress.

What are some of Janet McTeer’s notable movies?

Janet McTeer has been a part of successful films such as “Tumbleweeds,” “The Woman in Black,” and “Maleficent.”

Has Janet McTeer won any awards?

Yes, Janet McTeer has received recognition for her performances and has won awards such as the Tony Award, Laurence Olivier Award, and Drama Desk Award.

What television roles has Janet McTeer been a part of?

Janet McTeer has made notable appearances on TV shows like “Sense and Sensibility,” “Psychoville,” and “Jessica Jones.”

Can you provide any information about Janet McTeer’s personal life?

Janet McTeer leads a private personal life and is married to Joseph Coleman. They reside in London, England.

What impact has Janet McTeer had on the entertainment industry?

Janet McTeer’s exceptional talent and compelling performances have made a significant impact on the entertainment industry, solidifying her status as a respected and versatile actress.

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