Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul Net Worth

Jake Paul began his “show business” career on the Vine channel where he and brother, Logan created unique skits and other material for YouTube. Over time, the duo decided to expand their act further to include original music, comedy videos, and other material. They now have over 12 million followers. Their unique approach to comedy has created a reputation for them that is somewhat villainous, especially since others are so envious of their success that seems to have eluded so many.

Who is Jake Paul?
Jake Paul is famous among people as a YouTuber. His full name is Jake Joseph Paul. Apart from being a famous YouTube personality he is also a famous actor. He was born on 17 January,1997. His vines made him rise up to fame. Even though the ‘vine’ app has been shut down, Jake got huge fame by using this app when it was available. In his acting career, he was first notice when he acted in the show Bizaardvark on Disney channel as Dirk.

Early childhood and work :
Jake Paul was born in Cleveland and was raised in Westlake in Ohio. His father, Gregory Allan Paul works as a realtor and his mother is Pamela Ann Stepnick. He is of Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish, Hungarian-Jewish, Australian-Jewish and German-Jewish descent. His older brother, Logan Paul, is also a famous YouTuber. While growing up he saw his brother making YouTube videos. His brother Logan started becoming famous because of his videos, which inclined Jake towards making YouTube videos.

Education :
Jake went to Westlake High School in Cleveland, Ohio. He was also being trained to be a wrestler. But he developed interest in making videos for vine then later on for YouTube. He is now a strong and famous social media entrepreneur.
Known for :
Jake Paul started his career when he was just 16 years old. He started making videos in September 2013 and used to post it on the app vine. However, the app vine eventually got closed but he had already amassed more than 5.1 million followers. And his videos had been viewed and played for 2 billion times! When the app vine closed, this didn’t stop him from moving further. He made a YouTube Vlog channel. His channel has 11 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed for 2.6 billion times. He has formed a marketing company called as Team 10 to organize his schedules. He has also worked as an accurate played the role of Dirk in the series Bizaardvark which is aired on Disney channel.

Net worth $4 million :
The current net worth of Jake Paul is $4 million in 2018. He receives his income from his YouTube earnings. Running a successful YouTube channel has made him earn this net worth. Jake makes individual videos for YouTube and also collaborates with other youtubers to generate new videos for YouTube. Jake owns a property in Calabasas, California, which he purchased in November 2017. He has also rented a mansion worth $17,000 US dollars per month with his collaborators in Beverly Grove which lies in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles. He rented this mansion in July 2017. He is a fine example of the new and upcoming generation of social media entrepreneurs, considering his net worth which he achieved just at the age of 21. He once said in a statement that he thinks most of the YouTubers are lazy who just chill around buy expensive cars and houses. While he focuses on producing more new and exciting stuff for YouTube.

Personal life :
Jake has been quite open about dating his girlfriend Erika Costell who is also a social media personality and a model. There are various photos and videos of Jake with Erika on his social media handles. He even posted a picture with her on Valentine’s Day. But Jake has said that his relationship with Erika is purely for his YouTube channel or for professional purpose. He is not actually dating her. Their romance is totally fake and they both are using it as a social media tactic.

Jake Paul Bio Info

Full name: Jake Joseph Paul
Born: 17 January 1997 (age 21 years), Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Height: 1.88 m
Full name: Jake Joseph Paul
Residence: Calabasas, California, U.S.
Relatives: Logan Paul (brother)

Jake Paul Quotes

  • YouTube is the vlogs and my life, then Instagram is comedy skits and pictures that I take. Twitter’s text, and Instagram Stories is even more behind-the-scenes vlog stuff. I’m always posting. – Jake Paul
  • Nobody’s life is perfect, and each individual will have their own struggles and stipulations. – Jake Paul
  • I’m gonna forget all the negative press and focus on being the best version of myself. – Jake Paul

Jake Paul Videos on YouTube

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