Isaiah Mustafa Net Worth

Isaiah Mustafa Net Worth

Isaiah Mustafa is an American actor and former NFL practice squad wide receiver, who is best known for his main characters in the series of Old Spice commercials. He has also made a name for himself by portraying the character, Luke Garroway, on Freeform’s, Shadowhunters. The estimated net worth of Isaiah Mustafa is $5 million.


Isaiah Amir Mustafa was born on February 11, 1974, in Portland Oregon, to Shahidah Mustafa-Davis and John Wali Mustafa, a limousine service owner. Isaiah Mustafa is the youngest of seven children. Mustafa and his family moved to Mission Viejo, California when he was young and after his father killed in a car accident. He attended Santa Clara High School and after he graduated he attended, Santa Monica College before transferring to Moorpark College. He later went to Arizona State University to study where studied history and graduated from in 1995.


Isaiah Mustafa expected to become a high school teacher after he graduated from Arizona State University, he went on to be try out for the NFL practice squad and was signed by the Tennessee Oilers. He went on to play on the practice squad for the NFL Europe’s Barcelona Dragons in 1998 and afterwards he played for the Oakland Raiders and the Cleveland Browns’ practice squads in 1999. In 2000, Mustafa went on to attend the training camp for the Seattle Seahawks. He went to pursue his acting career after playing with the Seahawks and started acting in various roles on television shows like, Ugly Betty and Days of Our Lives. Mustafa also had a role in the comedy film, Horrible Bosses and was the television host of TBS’, Funniest Commercials of the Year. After appearing being a host for this TBS event, he went on to appear in the USA Network series, Sirens. However, his greatest success came once he began appearing in the Old Spice commercials.

Net Worth of Isaiah Mustafa

Although Isaiah Mustafa is still on the rise to great success, he has already made a name for himself, by becoming one of the faces for one of the most well known companies in the world. His appearance in the Old Spice commercials has taken his success to a different level and he continues to be a great influence for up and coming actors. The net worth of Isaiah Mustafa is $5 million, and he owes much of his success to his appearance in the Old Spice commercials as well as acting in various roles for film and television. He can also pay tribute of his success to his time as a football player on the practice squads for different NFL teams.


Isaiah Mustafa has come a long way since the start of his career as a football player on the practice squad. He continues to strive to be known whether it is in various roles in television or as his roles in the well known Old Spice commercials. Mustafa is not only known as the “Old Spice Man,” but also the man who has and continues to take his success to great heights.

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