Idris Elba Height and Net Worth in 2023

Idris Elba, a dynamic and versatile actor, has captivated audiences with his commanding presence and exceptional talent. Born on September 6, 1972, in Hackney, London, Idris has risen to international fame through his remarkable performances on both the big and small screens.

From his breakthrough role as Stringer Bell in “The Wire” to his portrayal of Nelson Mandela in “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” he has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Idris Elba Height and Net Worth
Idris Elba poses at the ‘Yardie’ photo call during the 68th Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin at Grand Hyatt Hotel on February 22, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

Idris Elba Bio Data

  • Name’s Net Worth in 2023: $30 Million
  • Date of Birth: September 6, 1972
  • Place of Birth: Hackney, London, England
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
  • Profession: Actor, Producer, Musician, DJ
  • Nationality: British

Celebrities Idris Elba Has Worked With

Idris Elba has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous talented individuals throughout his career. Some notable names he has worked with include:

  1. Matthew McConaughey – “The Dark Tower” (Film)
  2. Kate Winslet – “The Mountain Between Us” (Film)
  3. Charlize Theron – “The Fate of the Furious” (Film)
  4. Tom Hiddleston – “Thor” (Film series)
  5. Ruth Wilson – “Luther” (TV Series)

Idris Elba Height and Body Measurements

Idris Elba stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm). His athletic build and striking features have contributed to his undeniable on-screen presence. While precise body measurements are not readily available, Idris is known for his commanding physique and captivating charisma.

Idris Elba Height Comparison

Here is a comparison of Idris Elba’s height with ten other famous personalities who share a similar height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm):

Jason Momoa6’4″ (193 cm)
Liam Hemsworth6’3″ (191 cm)
Hugh Jackman6’2″ (188 cm)
Tom Brady6’4″ (193 cm)
Chris Evans6’0″ (183 cm)
Michael Fassbender6’0″ (183 cm)
Henry Cavill6’1″ (185 cm)
Chris Pratt6’2″ (188 cm)
Armie Hammer6’5″ (196 cm)
John Krasinski6’3″ (191 cm)

Notable Career Work

Idris Elba has showcased his remarkable talent through a diverse range of roles. Some of his notable career work includes:

  • “The Wire” (TV Series)
  • “Luther” (TV Series)
  • “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” (2013)
  • “Beasts of No Nation” (2015)
  • “Pacific Rim” (2013)

Idris Elba Net Worth and Salary

As of 2023, Idris Elba’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. His success as an actor, producer, musician, and DJ has contributed to his wealth. Idris has proven his versatility and earned substantial incomes from his various endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Idris Elba on Social Media

Idris Elba actively engages with his fans through social media platforms. Here are his official accounts:


Followers can stay updated with Idris’ latest projects, personal insights, and creative endeavors through his social media posts.

Idris Elba FAQ

  1. Is Idris Elba a musician? Yes, Idris Elba is not only a talented actor but also an accomplished musician and DJ. He has released music under his own name and has collaborated with various artists in the music industry.
  2. Has Idris Elba won any awards for his acting? Yes, Idris Elba has received numerous awards and nominations for his performances. He has won multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards.
  3. Is Idris Elba involved in any philanthropic activities? Yes, Idris Elba is actively involved in philanthropy. He has supported initiatives like the Prince’s Trust, which helps disadvantaged young people in the UK, and has been involved in charitable events and campaigns.
  4. Does Idris Elba have his own production company? Yes, Idris Elba co-founded a production company called Green Door Pictures. The company aims to create diverse and inclusive content across various platforms.
  5. Has Idris Elba directed any films or TV shows? Yes, Idris Elba has directed several projects, including the film “Yardie” (2018) and episodes of the TV series “Luther.”

Idris Elba Summary

Idris Elba’s talent and charisma have made him a global icon and one of the most respected actors of his generation.

With a net worth of $30 million in 2023, he continues to push boundaries and excel in his diverse endeavors. From his impactful performances to his creative pursuits, Idris captivates audiences with his undeniable presence and leaves a lasting impression.

As he takes on new challenges, fans eagerly anticipate his future projects and the impact he will continue to make on the entertainment industry.

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