40 of the Highest Paid News Anchors and Hosts

Delivering the news requires poise, charisma and journalistic chops. For top anchors and hosts at major networks, big paychecks come with the task. Here are 40 of the highest paid on-air talents in the news industry:

1. David Muir – $7 million

As anchor of “ABC World News Tonight,” David Muir is ABC News’ highest paid journalist.

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2. Sean Hannity – $40 million

Conservative firebrand Sean Hannity makes big bucks anchoring his popular Fox News primetime show.

3. Diane Sawyer – $12 million

Former “ABC World News” anchor Diane Sawyer remains highly paid for special programming.

4. Robin Roberts – $18 million

“Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts leveraged her popularity into a big payday.

5. George Stephanopoulos – $15 million

Chief ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos is paid millions between “Good Morning America” and “This Week.”

6. Savannah Guthrie – $8 million

Co-anchoring the “Today” show keeps Savannah Guthrie very well compensated.

7. Hoda Kotb – $7 million

Daytime star Hoda Kotb earns millions beside Guthrie and with Kathie Lee Gifford on “Today.”

8. Bret Baier – $7 million

Hit primetime series “Special Report” makes Bret Baier one of Fox News’ top paid hosts.

9. Stephen Colbert – $15 million

Comedian Stephen Colbert earns big for hosting CBS’ “The Late Show” in late night.

10. Anderson Cooper – $12 million

Veteran anchor Anderson Cooper is paid handsomely for hosting CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

11. Chris Cuomo – $6 million

“Cuomo Prime Time” host Chris Cuomo lands among CNN’s top paid before his firing.

12. Rachel Maddow – $7 million

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow earns top dollar anchoring her popular left-leaning news analysis program.

13. Bill O’Reilly – $25 million

Conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly pulled in huge paychecks before being ousted from Fox News.

14. Megyn Kelly – $23 million

Before exiting Fox News, Megyn Kelly leveraged fame into being one of cable’s highest earners.

15. Jake Tapper – $1 million

As CNN’s chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper is a valued anchor and pulls in seven figures.

16. Richard Quest – $1.5 million

CNN International host Richard Quest earns a sizable check on his various shows around the world.

17. Erin Burnett – $3 million

Erin Burnett claims high pay anchoring her own nightly program on CNN.

18. Maria Bartiromo – $6 million

Business journalist Maria Bartiromo is CNBC’s highest paid anchor by far.

19. Joe Scarborough – $8 million

Joe Scarborough does well co-hosting MSNBC’s key morning program “Morning Joe.”

20. Willie Geist – $3 million

Willie Geist co-anchors MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and Sunday “Today.”

21. Chris Matthews – $5 million

Longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews earns millions before retiring from “Hardball.”

22. Joy Reid – $1.5 million

MSNBC’s Joy Reid makes seven figures anchoring shows like “The ReidOut.”

23. Brian Williams – $6 million

Disgraced but popular anchor Brian Williams still banks big bucks at MSNBC.

24. Tucker Carlson – $6 million

Tucker Carlson succeeded Bill O’Reilly in Fox News’ coveted 8pm slot and salary.

25. Jeanine Pirro – $5 million

Former judge and DA Jeanine Pirro makes bank hosting her own Fox News weekend show.

26. Martha MacCallum – $1 million

Top-rated host Martha MacCallum earns seven figures anchoring early evenings on Fox.

27. Dana Perino – $4 million

Former Bush press secretary Dana Perino earns millions for various Fox programs.

28. Jake Ward – $750,000

CNN correspondent Jake Ward is that network’s second highest paid journalist.

29. Van Jones – $1 million

CNN pundit Van Jones also earns a healthy salary as a frequent guest host.

30. Jim Sciutto – $1 million

Veteran foreign correspondent Jim Sciutto adds seven figures anchoring CNN shows.

31. John Berman – $1 million

Morning program co-host John Berman makes over a million for CNN.

32. Don Lemon – $3.5 million

Primetime host Don Lemon cashes in anchoring his CNN show.

33. Shepard Smith – $15 million

Shepard Smith did well anchoring his afternoon show before exiting Fox News.

34. Wolf Blitzer – $5 million

Longtime CNN personality Wolf Blitzer continues to pull a hefty paycheck.

35. Katie Couric – $7.5 million

Former Today show host Katie Couric made millions before jumping from NBC to CBS to Yahoo.

36. Glenn Beck – $5 million

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck earned top dollar during his Fox News heyday.

37. Mika Brzezinski – $2 million

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski helps start the day for MSNBC.

38. Joe Johns – $1 million

Veteran CNN White House correspondent Joe Johns earns into seven figures.

39. Peter Doocy – $1 million

Rising Fox star Peter Doocy makes his first million as White House correspondent.

40. John Roberts – $1 million

John Roberts co-anchors weekday afternoons on Fox News.

Reporting All the Way to the Bank

These television anchors and hosts earn multi-million dollar salaries delivering the news on major networks. Their fame and ratings pull give them huge negotiating power.

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