Heather Thomson Net Worth

Heather Thomson Net Worth

Who is Heather Thomson?

Heather Thomson is an American actress, a business woman, a designer stylist and the founder of a wardrobe essential brand, Yummie. Heather has been a part of one of the most popular television series. In Hollywood, she has carved out a niche for herself. She is a mother of two. Born in the year 1970, the actress continues to mesmerize her audience with her impeccable charming personality.

The Net Worth of Heather Thomson

Heather Thomson owns a fashion label of her own but owes her fame to the most entertaining TV show of all time the Real Housewives of New York. The show fetched her a good gain. Her net worth is a whooping ten million dollars. She currently leads a private life and enjoys to spend her time with her family.

Life History of Heather

Heather Thomson has always lead a private life. Except a few, barely anyone knows much about the celebrity. She likes to keep her personal life under the covers. She does not have a Wikipedia page on her. She is primarily a stylist who set up her own business. In 2012,however her life changed when she landed a role in the TV series the Real House Wives of New York. The show bought her instant fame. She became a household name in America. Although she called an exit from the show in the year 2015, she is still recognised from the show.

Heather Thomson is Known For

Heather is a powerful leading lady who is a role model for several young women across the world. She is a very successful business woman along being an actor. After she had her two kids, the actress decided to take on a new venture. That is when Heather went on to create her own unique wardrobe essentials label called the Yummie by Heather Thomson. Her brand and her amazing charisma as an actress makes her the star she is.

The Political /  Business Affiliations of Heather Thomson

Heather’s has been working as a stylist for now over twenty years. Her brand Yummie celebrates woman and has worked with some of the leading women of the entertainment industry. Heather identifies herself as an entrepreneur and a business woman.

Apart from her show and successful fashion line, Heather has an active social life. She is also known for her charity work. She supports Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Disease Foundation, No Barriers, and the Tick Borne Disease Alliance. She actively supports causes like organ donation.

Final Words

Heather Thomson is truly an inspiration. From being a mother of two, to being a celebrity and having a brand o her name, she is mastered all of her ventures with ease and grace. It is her dedication towards her art that makes her such a lovable personality. With some brainstorming and hard work, Heather has stood out to be one of the most successful woman in America.

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