Grant Hill Net Worth

Grant Hill Net Worth

Grant Hill is a former American professional NBA basketball player, who is best known for his career as a player for the Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, and the Los Angeles Clippers. He was considered one of the best all around players, throughout his years in college and in the NBA. The estimated net worth of Grant Hill is $180 million.


Grant Henry Hill was born on October 5, 1972, in Dallas, Texas, to his father, Calvin, a retired All-Pro football player, and Janet, a lawyer and consultant. His mother who attended Wellesley College, shared a suite of rooms with Hillary Rodham Clinton. When his father was traded to the Washington Redskins, the family moved to Washington D.C. Hill grew up in Reston, Virginia, where he was an only child and where politicians, entertainers, and athletes were regular house guests. Even though he grew up privileged, Grant Hill did like it and did not want his friends to think he was better than them. He preferred being picked up from school in the third family car, an old Volkswagen. He grew up in a strict household, where he could only get phone calls on the weekend and only one a day. Whole growing up, Hill grew up in love with sports. He played soccer and basketball. When he was 13, his summer league beat Detroit, which included future NBA players, Chris Webber and Jalen Rose. Once he started attending South Lakes High School as a freshman, he was asked to skip junior varsity and join the varsity team. Even though he did not want to leave his friends behind, his father insisted that he join the varsity team and Hill reluctantly agreed to do it. His love for basketball was so strong in high school, that when he wasn’t playing, he always reviewed NBA and college games. When he was a senior, averaged 30 points per game. When came time to choose a college to go to, Hill chose Duke University and played four years with the Blue Devils, taking them to win national titles in 1991 and 1992. These wins were so great, that Duke became the first Division I to win consecutive titles since UCLA in 1973. Hill helped lead the Blue Devils to a championship game again in 1994, but lost to the Arkansas Razorbacks. His successful college career, led him to be the eighth player in Duke history to have his jersey, number 33, retired. After his freshman season at Duke, he went on to play at the 1991 Pan American Games in Havana, Cuba. While attending Duke, Hill became widely known for his role in a desperation play in an NCAA tournament against Kentucky in 1992, which is still considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Grant Hill started his career in the NBA, in 1994, after being drafted third, by the Detroit Pistons. Once he made his debut, he was met with press coverage, which was more than any other player before him. Hill also achieved greatness by being named for the All-Star Game halfway through his rookie year. At the end of the season, he was named co-Rookie of the year, which was a title he shared with Jason Kidd at the time. However, by the 1994-95 season, the Pistons were still a struggling team, even with Hill’s achievements and with the new coach, there were expectations of Hill being just as great as Jordan. Doug Collins, the new coach, eventually realized that there was a different way that Grant Hill could dominate basketball. With his more subtle approach of rebounding and two dribbles, he was able to help lead his team to a 1996 playoff appearance. In the coming seasons, he continued to lead the Pistons, even though the team was not competitive. His hard work led him to be recognized as one of the most athletically gifted players in the NBA. During the 1997-98 season, Hill was challenged by the team’s poor record, which was 37-45 as well as Doug Collins being fired. Once the lockout, happened, he encountered many negative feelings from other players, who said that he should have had a stronger voice for the NBA players’ union. With all of the controversy happening around him, he continued to play well, with his average being 21 points per game, for both the 1997-98 and 1998-99 seasons. During the 1999-2000 season, he met his career high with 25.8 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game. However, by the end of the 1999-2000 season, Hill was injured, with a bruised bone on his left foot. He missed the last three games of the season, but returned to the playoffs against the Miami Heat. After the return, Hill broke his ankle in the second game of the series. He went on to sign with the Orlando Magic for the 2000-01 season as a free agent, but only played in four regular games. He continued struggling with his injury during the 2001-02 season, and by the beginning of the 2002-03 season, he attempted to make his third comeback after undergoing three surgeries. After, receiving several ankle injuries during the 2003-04 season, he was forced to sit out the entire year. After going through a major surgery he, caught a potentially fatal infection, which led him to take antibiotics for six months. Once he returned for the 2004-05 season, the fans saw the old Grant Hill, who was very popular early on in his career. He started with playing 67 games for the Magic, which was more than he had played in the previous years for the team. When the 2005-06 season came around, he was injured again, with his groin keeping him sidelined for half of the season and only allowing him to play 21 games. After receiving the sports hernia, he underwent surgery again and considered retirement. He came back during the 2006-07 season, playing the shooting guard position and managed to play 65 games. On July 1, 2007, Hill was an unrestricted free agent, but signed with the Phoenix Suns for the 2007-08 season. He played for 34 games, but was sidelined for two weeks because of an emergency appendectomy. When he entered into the next season he averaged, 12 points and 4.9 rebounds per game. Hill re-signed with the Phoenix Suns in 2009 and the team advanced to the Western Conference Semifinals, with him seeing his playoff series victory. This victory also made Hill the first NBA player in history to win after 15 years in the league. He exercised his option for the 2010-11 season, while the Suns went through major roster changes and on December 11, he decided to stay with the Suns for another year. Once his contract was over with by the end of the 2011-12 season, he had been pursued by several teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks,and the Portland Trail Blazers. However, he signed with Los Angeles Clippers on July 18, 2012. Afterwards, he suffered with a bruised bone on his right knee during the preseason, but a debuted with the Clippers, on January 12, 2013. During the 2012-2013 season, he averaged 3.2 points and 1.7 rebounds per game. On June 1, 2013, he announced his retirement after 19 seasons. He later joined the NBA TV as an analyst.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Grant Hill, who has the reputation of being a nice guy, has worked hard to be one of the best and well known athletes in the world. His hard work has afforded him many acknowledgements and awards. Some of which include, NBA Rookie of the Year Award, NBA Sportsmanship Award, and the Best Male College Basketball Player ESPY Award. He was also selected as a NABC Defensive Player of the Year, an All-NBA Team member, an NBA All-Rookie Team member, and Atlantic Coast Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year.

Net Worth of Grant Hill

Grant Hill has not only earned his title as being one of the best basketball players in the NBA, but also as a someone who has made many appearances in both commercials and television programs. Some of his special appearances include, being a guest on the television sitcoms Living Single and Home Improvement. Hill was also a spokesperson for McDonald’s, TAG Heur, Fila, and several other sponsors. Most recently, there was an announcement that he was on the lead announcing team of CBS and Turner Sports’ coverage of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. The net worth of Grant Hill is $180 million and he owes much of his success to his career of being a professional basketball player as well as his endorsements and his appearances in television sitcoms. He can also pay tribute of his success to his new a career in being a sports analyst.


Grant Hill has been an influence in the sports world, not only because of his athleticism, but also because of his attitude towards the sport as well as others. It has a become a sport that has helped him grow morally as well as given him a great outlook on life. He is and forever will be known as the nice guy that others have others have grown to love and know in the world.

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