Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone is an American author, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and sales trainer, who is best known for authoring five books and also developing the reality series, Turnaround King, in 2011. The estimated net worth of Grant Cardone is $300 million.


Grant Cardone was born on March 21, 1958, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to Curtis and Concetta Cardone. He is the fourth of five children and has a twin brother named Gary. After graduating from LaGrange High School in Lake Charles, in 1976, Cardone attended McNeese State University in 1981. He graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. After moving to Chicago Illinois, he started his career. He eventually traveled across the United States, settling in Houston, Texas for five years and then La Jolla, California, for 12 years. His last move was to Los Angeles, California. However, along the way he developed a serious drug problem, but entered rehab when he was 25 years old. He became a millionaire within five years of him leaving rehab. In 2010, his hard work earned him the McNeese State University Distinguished Alumnus Award, an award given to outstanding graduates. Cardone is a member of the Church of Scientology and is married to Elena Lyons, an American actress. They have two daughters together, named Scarlett Cardone and Sabrina Cardone.


Grant Cardone started his career in 1987, after moving to Chicago, Illinois, to work for a sales training company. He started his career in the automobile sales industry after he graduated from college. Cardone was also the CEO of Freedom Motorsports Group Inc. On his path to success, he helped develop the reality series, Turnaround King, with Atlas Media Corp., for the National Geographic Channel. His years of working hard, has also led him to own several businesses, including, Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Acquisitions, Cardone Training Technologies, and the Cardone Group, which helps train salesmen from car dealerships. Since the start of his success, Grant Cardone has written several books. His book, If You’re Not First, You’re Last, hit #1 on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble lists. The book also made the Wall Street Journal’s and The New York Times best seller lists. Some of his other books include, The 10X Rule, Sell or be Sold, The Millionaire Booklet, and The Closer’s Survival Guide, along with many others.

Net Worth of Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone has come a long way since his starting years as an automobile salesman. He has been acknowledged as someone who has influenced many to pursue their dreams and has even been named as one of the 25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017 by Forbes. His company Motorsports sponsored NASCAR drivers as well as helped to promote Dianetics and Scientology. The net worth of Grant Cardone is $300 million, and he owes much of his success to his career as a motivational speaker, author, and business owner. He can also pay tribute of his success to his career as an author and salesman.


Grant Cardone has made his name being a motivator who pushes others to be great in what they do. From speaking to influence others to writing books, his words of financial wisdom has helped many. He is known as someone who continue to influence others for many years to come.

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