Goran Dragic Net Worth

Goran Dragic Net Worth

Who Is Goran Dragic?

Goran Dragic is Slovenian professional basketball player. He has been associated with Miami Heat of the NBA. He had played as a point guard and from shooting guard positions.

Goran Dragic Net Worth:

The net worth of Goran Dragic is $ 48.7 million. His per annum income is of about $ 9 million. He has some of the best cars from around the world that includes Lexus IF-IC Concept, Range Rover, and a Mercedes S-Class.

He owns a luxurious house in Miami, Florida in America, that has an estimated worth of $ 7.9 million. The house is spread over 6500 square foot of area and he purchased it in the year 2016.

Goran Dragic Life History:

Goran Dragic was born on 6 May in the year 1986 in America. His father was Serbian and his mother was Slovenian. He had grown up in Slovenia playing Soccer. But because of an injury, he was forced to switch sports. When he was a child he had admired NBA players like Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and also his former teammate Steve Nash.

When he was fifteen years old his mother had worked for Birografika Bori which is a company that used to employ people with disabilities.

He is fluent in many languages like Serbian, Spanish, Slovenian and English. Goran’s younger brother Zoran was also his teammate in the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat and he presently plays for Anadolu Efes SK n Turkey.

In the year 2013 August, Goran got married to his longtime girlfriend Maja. Then in November of the same year, the couple welcomed their first son Mateo.

He and Zoran with the teammates Marcus Morris and Markieff had played briefly together for the suns at the time of the fourth quarter of their victory over the Philadelphia 76ers in the year 2015 in January.

This was the first time in the NBA history that the two different pairs of a brother had played together for the same team in the same time.

Goran Dragic – Known For:

Goran Dragic is best known for his basketball career. He had won a gold medal at the FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship in the year 2004. He was the Slovenian League Rookie of the year in 2005. In the year 2014, he was given the title of NBA Most improved player of the year. He was also an NBA All-Star in the year 2018.

Goran Dragic – Political / Business Affiliations:

Goran Dragic has been associated with many famous brands from around the world like Adidas and Nike. He does not talk much about his charity work but he does organize and hosts the national wheelchair basketball team which works with the Slovenian Paraplegic Association in which he teaches the children that even when they are physically impaired they can easily overcome with the power of their will.

He also has spoken about how he has respect for all religions, nations, and races but he just believes if the person is good or bad.

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