Glenn Frey Net Worth

Glenn Frey Net Worth

Glenn Frey was an American singer, songwriter, and actor, who was best known as the founding member of the band the Eagles. He was the frontman and the lead singer for the band. The Eagles became a popular success in the 1970’s and they toured and sang up until Glenn Frey died in 2016. His estimated net worth was $90 million.


Glenn Lewis Frey was born on November 6, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan. While growing up in Royal Oak, Michigan, he began taking piano lesson at the age of five, and he later learned how to play the guitar where became apart of the the 1960’s Detroit rock scene. He also joined his first band around this time, called Subterraneans, which included one of his classmates, Doug Edwards, who played drums, Doug Gunsch and Bill Barnes on guitar as well as Jeff Hodge on bass. Frey graduated from Dondero High school, in 1966, and after graduation, he was asked to join the local band, The Four of Us, by Greg Burrows, who watched Frey perform with the Subterraneans. Glenn Frey also attended Oakland Community College, while performing with his new band. In 1967, he and Greg Burrows’ brother, Jeff, Bill Barnes, Doug Bunch, and Larry Mintz, formed the band, The Mushrooms. That same year, Frey met, Bob Seger, who helped him get a managing and recording contract, with Hideout Records, a label formed by Seger’s management team. The first song written by Frey for this band, was called, “Such a Lovely Child,” which led the band to have television promotions, made Frey want to join the band also, but his mother stopped him, because he was caught smoking weed with Greg Burrows. Later that year, in 1967, Frey put another band together, called, Heavy Metal Kids, with band members, Jeff Burrows on Piano, Jeff Alborell on bass, Paul Kelcourse on lead guitar, and Lance Dickerson on drums. When Frey was 19, he sang backup vocals and played the acoustic guitar on Seger’s song, “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man. In 1968, Glenn Frey moved to Los Angeles, hoping to reconnect with his girlfriend, Joan Sliwin, a band member of the female group, The Mama Cats. After moving to California, he was introduced to J.D. Souther , by Joan’s sister. He went back to Detroit and came back to Los Angeles to form the duo, Longbranch Pennywhistle. Afterwards, they signed to Amos Records and released a self-titled album in 1969, with the single, “Bring Back Funky Women.”


Glenn Frey’s career started in his teenage years with his collaborations that he made with some of the most talented Detroit musicians that were around during that time. In 1970, He met drummer, Don Henley, a fellow Amos Records artist, who helped him form a band for the Linda Ronstadt’s tour. After forming the band, Frey and Henley came together to form the band, Eagles, with Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon. The band was together for ten years, before separating and Frey started his solo career. In 1984, he released the single, “The Heat Is On,” in which he collaborated with Harold Faltermeyer, making the song a theme song, for the film, Beverly Hills Cop. The next year he performed the songs, “You Belong to the City” and “Smuggler’s Blues,” for the television series, Miami Vice. The soundtrack was so popular, that it hit the Billboard 100. Later that year, he made the single, “Flip City,” for Ghostbusters II and the single, “Part of Me, Part of You,” for the film, Thelma and Louise. In 1994, the Eagles reunited, and released an album, Hell Freezes Over. The later part of the 1990’s brought the founding of the record label, Mission Records, by Glenn Frey and attorney, Peter Lopez, but the label never saw the release of any of Frey’s work. In 2007, the Eagles released their album, Long Road out of Eden,” and in 2012, Frey released another solo album after his first solo was released 20 years earlier. The next year, the director Allison Ellwood, directed a documentary about the Eagles, titled, History of the Eagles, which won an Emmy Award in 2013. Glenn Frey made a final appearance with the band in 2015, on the two year world tour, History of the Eagles. Glenn Frey’s career didn’t just involve him being a major icon in music, but also an actor. He guest starred in the television series, Miami Vice as well as the first episode of Smuggler’s Blues. His talent led him to play the lead role in the American detective series, in South of Sunset, in 1993, but the series ended after one episode. His guest appearances in television shows continued through the 90’s and early 2000’s, with him appearing in, Nash Bridges and Arliss. During the years of Glenn Frey’s life, he collaborated great band players he knew would make great music.

Net Worth of Glenn Frey

Since his teenage years, Glenn Frey had wanted to create great music from musicians he knew would make some of the greatest music ever. From his bringing the Subterraneans, his first band together, to bringing the Eagles together, Glenn Frey loved being involved in making music. The success of the group proved to be a great collaboration after, the Eagles became one of the world’s best selling rock bands. Frey saw the success of the group because of this. Glenn Frey’s net worth was $90 million, and his success was due to his music career as well as his acting and guest appearance roles on television shows, such as, Miami Vice and South of Sunset. Frey’s acting career also helped him win his fans over in the roles in the films, Jerry Maguire and Let’s Get Harry.

Personal Life

Glenn Frey married Jane Beggs in 1983, but they divorced in 1988. Afterwards he married, Cindy Millican in 1990 and had two sons and a daughter together. In 2000, Frey suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, but the medicine he was taking for it, led to him having colitis and pneumonia. By the end of 2015, he needed intestinal surgery, which kept him in a medically induced coma. Glenn Frey passed away on January 18, 2016, while recovering from a gastrointestinal tract surgery, in New York City. He was 67 years old when he died.


Glenn Frey started his career at a time when music needed a new sound. His passion as a musician is untouchable and his love of music was something he never lost. Glenn Frey was known as a man who loved bringing great people together to create great music.

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