Giuliana Rancic Net Worth

Giuliana Rancic Net Worth

Who Is Giuliana Rancic?
Giuliana Rancic is an American Italian television personality and was born on 17 August in the year 1974 in Italy.

Giuliana Rancic Net worth:

The net worth of Giuliana Rancic is a whopping $13 million. Her salary with E alone is rumored to be more than $1 million. She also owns a clothing line and a wine line which are the main source of her income.

Giuliana Rancic Life History:

Giuliana was born in Italy in the city of Naples in the year 1974 on August 17. Her family immigrated to the United States of America when she was just seven years old. During her late teenage underwent a surgery for her scoliosis correction. She did her college from the University of Maryland and has a degree in journalism. She also did her masters in journalism from American University. In the year 2005, she was a famous anchor on E! Networks in E! News. In the year 2006, she announced her engagment to Bill Rancic on December 15th. The couple got married the next year in September. Her life had gone through many difficult times, the couple was quite open about their fertility issues and went for an IVF in 2010 but Rancic had an unfortunate miscarriage. Then they tried a second time which did not result in a pregnancy.
The third time her doctor recommended a mammogram and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even after her condition the couple still wanted a baby and they went for surrogacy. In an interview in 2011, she announced about her health issues and that she was going to be treated with a double Lumpectomy and radiation. Just about a week after her surgery, she was back to her work.
Then in 2012, she announced on The Today Show that the couple was expecting their first child and is August 2012 they welcomed a son in Denver Colorado and named him Edward Duke Rancic.

Giuliana Rancic – Known For:
Giuliana Rancic is best known for her work on Television. She was the famous anchor at E! on the E! News. She has hosted a number of shows like Fashion Police, Giuliana and Bill, Miss USA 2012 and Miss Universe 2012. She had been ranked on #94 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 women in the year 2004. In the year 2006, she was also featured in the 100 Most Beautiful in People’s magazine.
She was given the title of fan favorite during the Daytime Emmy Awards which she dedicated to her over six million followers on social media. In the year 2015, she announced that she will be leaving her position as a co-anchor on E! News but she will continue to host Fashion Police.
Giuliana Rancic – Political / Business Affiliations:
She has her own clothing line named G by Giuliana Rancic. And also has a wine line named Xo G Wine which has been quite popular. She was on the show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” in the year 2009 were she played for charity.

Giuliana Rancic Bio Info

Born: 17 August 1974 (age 43 years), Naples, Italy
Spouse: Bill Rancic (m. 2007)
Parents: Eduardo DePandi, Anna DePandi
Children: Edward Duke Rancic

Giuliana Rancic Quotes

  • To me, natural, healthy looking skin is really beautiful. With a little concealer, eyeshadow, liner, gloss and bronzer, I love my lighter makeup look. I’ve saved so much money on facials! – Giuliana Rancic
  • If you are strong enough as a couple, reality shows can be a good thing for the relationship. – Giuliana Rancic
  • I eat as much as the next girl, but I work my butt of in the gym every morning! The key is moderation. I splurge on the weekend. A big bowl of pasta and a delicious slice of cake for dessert are my favorites. – Giuliana Rancic
  • A lot of us think we’re invincible… but we have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list. – Giuliana Rancic
  • I started realizing I could be an example for women to not just be aware of breast cancer but to act on it, to make an appointment, to give themselves an exam. – Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic Videos on YouTube

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