Gary Payton Net Worth

Gary Payton Net Worth

Gary Payton is an American retired professional basketball player, who is known for his starting position as a point guard. He is also best known for his 13 year playing career with the Seattle Supersonics. Payton also made his name famous by playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat. The estimated net worth of Gary Payton is $130 million.


Gary Dwayne Payton was born on July 23, 1968, in Oakland, California. He attended Skyline High School, in Oakland, where he played high school basketball. He went on to attend Oregon State University, in Corvallis Oregon. While, he looked forward to attending college for playing basketball, he was declared academically ineligible during his second year. However, his father encouraged him to focus more on school and soon after, he was able to play again. His fours years at Oregon, he became very well known and one of the most decorated basketball players in the school’s history. During his senior year, he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, being highlighted as the nation’s best basketball player. His time at OSU was also spent with him helping the Beavers appear in three NCAA Tournaments as well as making one NIT appearance. In 1996, he was elected into OSU’s Sports Hall of Fame.


After leaving college, Gary Payton began in his career in the NBA after being selected second overall in the 1990 NBA draft, by the Seattle Supersonics. During the 1991-92 season, the Sonics had a respectable record finishing fourth in their division. In the 1992-93 season, his role on the team was greater and even helped the team come in second in the Pacific division. The next season was one even better than the year before, where the Sonics had the best record in the NBA and other teams felt the strong competition. Even though, Gary Payton was one of the key players that helped the Sonics become a great team, Shawn Kemp also helped with the greatness. Together the duo and their skills on the court were what fans wanted to see. They helped take on the Chicago Bulls in six games before losing in the 1996 NBA Finals. After Kemp left the team in 1997 over issues with his contract, Payton continued to stay and continued to be the main reason the team went to the playoffs. In the coming years, Payton was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks and then signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. After an incident with the Boston Celtics, he went on to sign with the Miami Heat, in 2005. The next year, he helped the Heat win the NBA title. Gary Payton, who was nicknamed “The Glove,” and only missed 25 games his entire career, retired in 2007.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Gary Payton’s hard work ethic has been acknowledged greatly because of his dedication to the teams he has played for as well as skills on the court. His team player and leader attitude has paid off greatly with him receiving several awards and acknowledgements. His awards include, the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award, the Pac-12 Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year Award, and the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year Award. During his career, Payton was also chosen to the NBA All-Defensive Team, All-NBA Team, and the NBA All-Rookie Team, in the beginning of his career.

Net Worth of Gary Payton

Gary Payton has become the known basketball player he is today, not only because of his hard work, but also because of his leadership abilities and skills to help his teams become greater. However, since retiring, he has brought his knowledge and passion for the game to being a substitute analyst for NBA TV. In 2013, he was named analyst for FOX Sports 1’s Fox Sports Live. He has also made special appearances in the films, White Men Can’t Jump, Eddie, Like Mike, and several films and television shows. The net worth of Gary Payton is $130 million, and he owes much of his success to his career in basketball as well as his work as an analyst. He can also pay tribute of his success to his appearances in film and television.


Gary Payton’s reputation as being a dedicated star player has rubbed off on those who have come behind him. His work ethic and passion have captivated the fans from the very beginning, which is why many have grown to love and respect him over the years. Gary Payton is the passionate player who has continued to be the motivation and great influencer of each player in the NBA.

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