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One of the most watched series of the current time is Game of Thrones. It is hard to find people who have not watched GoT in their life. To help you put this in perspective, the total net worth of the 15 actors on the list of GoT is more than 109 million dollars. Is it too hard to believe?

Game of Thrones has become a cultural icon, and the audiences are willing to steal it for finding what happens next. The most pirated TV shows in the history are Game of Thrones. The series is so celebrated all over the world that in 2017, more than two episodes were leaked before its airing.

Here comes the list of the top 15 cast members of GoT:

15. Gwendoline Christie: $500,000 dollars

The gender stereotype is all the rage in Hollywood. She might not fit the stereotype of the women portrayed in the series but Brienne of Tarth has adequately portrayed her character.

14: Lena Heady: $1.5 million dollars

She is surely my personal favorite from all the evil characters of GoT right now. She knows her character and she is winning on it.

13. Alfie Allen: $2 million dollars

He is not even 30 and already reached the net worth of 2 million dollars. It takes actors years and sometimes decades to reach at such position. Alfie comes from a family of entertainers so we can say acting is in his blood. Theon Greyjoy certainly has a great influence on the show.

12. Rory McCann: $2 million dollars

Sandor Clegane or The Hound is one of the most accomplished actors of Europe, and he had already bagged the BAFTA Scotland award for his acting skills. GoT producers accredited his position in the show and did not forget to pay him enough to portray the spectacular character of the hound in the show.

11. Iain Glen: $3 million dollars

If there is an actor in the show who could not hide his British accent is Jorah Mormont or Iain Glen. He never had the fortune of earning his everyday hotdog but with his skills of acting, he now managed to make a fortune of 3 million dollars.

10. Emilia Clarke: $3 million dollars

Right now, the unicorn of the industry is surely Emilia Clarke. Most of the actors struggle their whole life to a big role but Emilia got it without even trying. Who would have guessed Daenerys Targaryen would make it to the seventh season? I am waiting to see her glorious victory over the White Walker in season 8.

9. Jason Momoa: $4 million dollars

Playing Khal Drogo is the second most popular thing of his acting career. Although he is no longer in the show, within a very short time he could get in the list of the richest actors of the show. If you are not aware, this actor has also played the role of Aquaman in Justice League.

8. Kit Harington: $4 million dollars

Jon Snow is the most loved character of GoT right now and people are calling him the Azor Ahai right now. Let’s keep the debate aside and just acknowledge the character of Jon Snow. Maybe he has a concise resume, but he is managing to get as much as he can out of his all-rounder character.

7. Sophie Turner: $5 million dollars

Sophie Turner turned is turning heads from the first season. From the naïve princess to a powerful sister, Sansa Stark is has made her character one of the audience’s favorites.

6. Nicolaj Coster: $5 million dollars

If the brother is Nicolaj Coster (Jamie Lannister) then it is okay to have a thing for him. Well, this sounds a bit creepy but who cares? His role is paying him off big time. As a diehard fan of GoT, I believe, what goes in front of the camera makes the show great and the acting of Nicolaj is utterly remarkable.

5. Carice Van Houten: $5 million dollars

Carice’s character as Melisandre has made GoT much more interesting. She plays the role of powerful Red Priestess with whom nobody tries to mess with. From helping Stannis Baratheon in war to bringing Jon back to life, she did justice to the show.

4. Richard Madden: $6 million dollars

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the hottest stark of them all? As Jon Snow is not a full stark, Robb Stark gets to be called as the sexiest stark of all. Although Richard Madden was not present in the show since Episode 9, Season 3 but he has already bagged a generous amount of dollars from the show.

3. Jack Gleeson: $8 million dollars

Who does not hate the character Joffrey Baratheon? Well, I do and this is what made his road to fame. Jack Gleeson has been taking drama classes from his and childhood and, trust me, it is undoubtedly paying off.

2. Peter Dinklage: $10 million dollars

He can be short but he has a net worth more than any other casting member of the show. Another richest casting member of the show is not from Canterbury, Scotland, London or even York. This marvelous actor from New Jersey plays the character of Tyrion Lannister. Doesn’t it make you happy that the shortest and oddest looking guy from the set of GoT has highest riches of them all?

1. George R. R. Martin: $50 million dollars

Well, technically he is not an actor in the show but he can fire anyone from the show anytime he wants. With silly hats, baggy pants and no grooming, he is the richest member of the whole GoT crew. So, do not judge a book by its cover from next time.

Like everyone else, we all are waiting for April 2018. Every character on the show is not just an actor they are like emotions to the audiences, and this is the reason, the producers are paying them massively to maintain the quality of the show.

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