Fred Willard Net Worth

Fred Willard Net Worth

Frederick Charles Willard is a comedian, actor, writer and voice actor from America. He was born on 18th September, 1939 in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Fred Willard Net Worth
The estimated net worth of the actor, comedian is approximately $10 million.

Life story
His father was also named Fred Willard who worked in a bank under the financial department. He died in 1951. Willard was a soldier serving under the U.S army. He graduated from the Kentucky Military Institute and also the Virginia Military Institute. After his time in the any, Willard and his friend Vic Greco created a comedy act, in 1962. It was considered funny and very successful to earn them an appearance in The Ed Sullivan Show. The duo showed up at Hungry in San Francisco. Fred auditioned for The Second City along with Robert Klien. They portrayed as the manager of a nightclub and his employee. This audition helped them get a proper secured job later on. Fred started with an off-Broadway called Little Murders; which was directed by Alan Arkin.

Fred Willard got married in 1968 to Mary. They have a beautiful daughter, Hope, who was born on 1969. They also have a grandson named Freddie who was born on 1997. On July, 2012, Fred was arrested and brought to the LAPD’s Hollywood station under the suspicion of being involved in lewd act and misdemeanour. But there was no proof of any such misconduct that led to no charges being filed. Despite of that, he was fired from Market Warriors immediately after the arrest was made. Mark L Walberg was the substitute of the show. He later said in an interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, that the incident caused him immense pain and embarrassment. He also said that he did nothing wrong.

Known for
Fred is known for his precise and perfect improvisational comedy. He was a founding member of Ace Trucking Company, an improvisational comedy group. This group includes members like Michael Mislove, George Memmoli, Patti Deutsch and Bill Saluga. They have come regularly on, This is Tom Jones and have done as many as 50 above sketches for The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He is famous for his roles in This is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind, Mascots, For Your Consideration, Best in Show and Anchorman films. He is a formal pupil of The Second City. He has got Emmy nominations for a recurring role in a TV series Everybody Loves Raymond. He played as Hank McDougall, Robert Barone’s father-in-law. He has also gotten an Emmy nomination for an outstanding guest appearance in his role for Modern Family. He played Frank Dunphy, Phil Dunphy’s father.

Fred got an Emmy Nomination for his talk show What’s Hot, What’s Not. The Second City was his earliest jobs, where he worked with David Steinberg and Robert Klien.

Charity work
He has contributed lot money for non profits like Big Brothers/Big Sisters. He and his wife were also given a Golden Star Award for their work. They also work with PETA, City Of Hope and many other organizations.

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