Flavor Flav Net Worth

Flavor Flav Net Worth

Who is Flavor Flav?
William Jonathan Drayton Jr. is best recognized by his stage name Flavor Flav. He is a popular musician, actor, rapper, comedian and television personality from America. This multi-talented personality was born on 16th March 1959. He grabbed the limelight when he became a member of a hip-hop group entitled “Public Enemy”. Flavor Flav is also famous to popularize the character of the “hype man” and when he yelled “Flavor Flav” and “Yeah, Boyeee!” during the public performances. He appeared as a start in a number of VH1 reality shows when he fell out of the audience eyes. Some of his famous shows include “The Surreal Life”, “Flavor of Love” and “Strange Love”.

Flavor Flav Net Worth:
Flavor Flav has an estimated net worth of $9 as of now. He has earned this much of wealth from the sales of his musical albums. He also made lots of money from his television career and as a restaurant owner and he is a millionaire now.

Flavor Flav Life History:
Flavor Flav was born in Roosevelt, New York. He was raised in the neighborhood of Freeport. It is a black community within the Town of Hempstead, New York. He has grown interest in the music from his young age. He has learned to play piano by his own. When Flavor Flav was a five years old child, he has started playing the piano. He is a musical genius who sang in the youth choir at the church. He became the master of the piano, guitar and drum from his teenage times. Basically, he can play almost 15 instruments efficiently. He has dropped out from his high school when he was attending the eleventh standard. During this time, he sent to jail frequently for robbery and burglary. He went to the Adelphi University in the Long Island. There he met Carlton Ridenhour who later is famous as Chuck D. They made collaboration on a hip-hop radio show. In 1978, Flavor Flav went to culinary school.

Flavor Flav is known for:
Flavor Flav has gained the attention of the audience in 1984 when he became a founding member of “Public Enemy” – a rap group. The track “Public Enemy #1” got the attention of many critics Flavor Flav got lots of opportunities. In 1987, the group has released their first album “Yo! Bum Rush The Show”. In 1988, they released “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”. It gained huge popularity and certified as the double platinum. Their political single “Fight the Power” gave then huge fame. In 1990, Flavor Flav has released his first rap single “911 is a Joke”. In 2006, Flav has released his debut solo album.
Flav’s television super hit show “Flavor of Love” led him to take part in the spin-off shows named “I Love New York” and “I Love Money”.

Flavor Flav Political/Business Affiliation:
In 2011, Flavor Flav has opened a restaurant named “Flav’s Fried Chicken” with Nick Cimino. After getting success, Flavor has teamed up with Salvatore Bitonti and Gino Harmon. On 21st December 2012, they have started a national level franchise named “Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs” in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

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