Five Tools to Strengthen Social Media Relationship with Consumers

Social Media

At this day and age, social media’s growing influence on consumer choices is unprecedented. Establishing social media pages is no longer enough. You have to transform these into interactive platform.

Here are five useful tools that can lead the way for social media success for your brand.

1. Mobile Apps

Optimizing your website and social media page for smartphones is a must. The proliferation of smartphones enables consumers to be connected all the time. Invest in mobilizing your site. Find a good app developer.

The moment you hit mobility, your traffic will not only surge. People will be more engaged and present.

2. Social Responsibility

Everybody loves a brand that knows how to give back to the community. This is a great way to build trust with your customers. Let them know that your company is not only after profits, but also is aware of what’s happening around the sphere. More importantly, you know hoe to help.

3. Engaging Content

The key is engagement. If you are unable to lure consumers to your page because what they can see is just monotonous and boring posts, it will be difficult for you to establish constant interaction with them. Use graphics, stunning visuals and infographics.
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4. Implement “Social Care”

Customer care is dead. The new trend now is “social care”.

To ensure that social care is given aptly, you may need to assign an individual to oversee your social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) accounts

5. Transparency

In the digital age, transparency is an inherent reality. People will talk about your brand, whether they love it or not. Social media is a free space with minimal censorship. They can say whatever they want, and influence other consumers. This is where you need to be honest.

If bad weather is affecting delivery services, post an advisory in Facebook or Twitter. This is of course, aside from reaching out to concerned customers one by one. Make sure that you have an action plan included in the advisory. Otherwise, you are just informing them of a problem that is not being resolved.

This is also important when responding to comments of consumers in your social media pages. You need to be able to present them the truth in a positive manner, but never sugar-coat.

People have innate passion to communicate. Make good use of this to strengthen your relationship with consumers. Happy customers will be your best form advertising.

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