Evan Fong (VanossGaming) Net Worth

Evan Fong (VanossGaming) Net Worth

Evan Fong (known as “VanossGaming” or Vanoss to his YouTube fans, also makes money with video games. But he doesn’t design them. He plays them-a lot! His YouTube channel features videos of himself playing games and makes fun of himself as he plays. He also creates snippets or compilations of several hours of game-playing reduced down to one short video. These videos get a large audience, and his net worth proves it. He has a net worth of over $15.5 million. Just imagine how many games he could buy with that.

Who is Evan Fong ?
Evan Fong is a young and famous internet personality. He was born on 31 May, 1992 and just at the age of 25 he is successfully running his YouTube channel named as VanossGaming which is popular among his followers as Vanoss. He is famous for uploading videos of him playing popular video games with other YouTubers. His channel is the 20th Most Subscribed YouTube Channel as there have been around 8.9 billion views on his videos and has 22.5 YouTube subscribers as in March 2018.

Early childhood and work :
Evan Fong was born in Toronto, Canada and was raised there too. Fong’s father is a Chinese and his mother is a Korean. He is of Asian descent as his parents are Asians. During his childhood, House parents didn’t introduce or allowed him to play video games but he used to play at other places. His video game experiences include children’s Adventures, puzzles like Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish and some gambling like this one. When he first started his YouTube channel and posting videos his parents thought that this will make him neglect his studies.

Education :
Fong attended Richmond Hill High School and graduated from there. After his schooling, he started going to college to study economics. However, he dropped out of college after serving year to focus on his YouTube channel and make it his full-time career.

Known for :
On 15 September,2011 Fong first started this YouTube channel. He creates YouTube videos of him playing video games with other youtubers. He has collaborated with youtubers like Tom ‘syndicate Cassell, H2O Delirious and Adam ‘Seananners’ Montoya. He made his first camera appearance on July 2013, when he hit one million subscribers on YouTube. In January 2015, he had already reached 11 million subscribers which made him stand in the list of top 25 most subscribed YouTube page. He also received immense media attention which furthermore increased his popularity and subscribers. He launched the logo for his channel VanossGaming on 26 November, 2015.

Net worth $12 million :
The current estimated net worth of Evan Fong is estimated around $12 million. He earns around @$12,000 per day from his YouTube channel advertising revenue only. It is really phenomenal and inspiring to see someone at such a young age become so popular and successful. Although his parents were not totally with him when he first started to make YouTube videos after quitting college. They were concerned about his financial stability. But now even they are proud of Evan because of his hard work and dedication.

Personal life :
To take a little break from the YouTube, Fong likes to play ice hockey. He also likes to play guitar during his resting time. Evan is a very private person when it comes to his love life. He is unmarried and single. There have been no updates from him regarding his dating life. Apart from his channel VanossGaming he has made another channel named as Rynx. He made this channel for music. Evan puts part of the sings from his channel Rynx on his videos posted on VanossGaming.

Evan Fong Bio Info

Born: 31 May 1992 (age 25 years), Toronto, Canada
Full name: Evan Fong
Height: 1.81 m
Nationality: Canadian
Subscribers: 22.8 million; (April 22, 2018)
Education: University of Pennsylvania
Aliases: Vanoss, Cheese, VanossWAW, TurdManJones, VanossZombies, Vanoss 00001, Vanoose, Rynx, RynxManJones

Evan Fong Quotes

  • What do you call a magic owl? Hoodini! – Evan Fong
  • Keep calm and keep er’ goin’! – Evan Fong

Evan Fong Videos on YouTube

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