Eric Thomas Net Worth

Eric Thomas Net Worth

Who Is Eric Thomas?

Eric Thomas is America’s remarkable motivational speaker. He is well known as the hip-hop preacher and has an amazing preaching style. People also like to view his speeches on Youtube.

Eric Thomas Net Worth:

Due to his amazing style of communication, he has gained a hefty net worth just by speaking on various public platforms. His total net worth is $2.2 million which is amazing considering the fact that he gained all this amount merely by public speaking.

Eric Thomas Life History:

Eric Thomas was born on 3 September 1970. He is of an African descent and a native American. He was born in Chicago, Illinois and brought up in Detroit, Michigan, where he currently lives. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, he had to drop out of school and live in the streets for some time. He met a preacher when he was homeless and that incident changed his life for good. He got married to De-De Mosley, and moved to Huntsville, Alabama, in order to enroll himself into the Oakwood University.

He graduated in 2001 and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Oakwood University. He did his masters and Ph.D. from the Michigan State University. He also runs a website where he sells motivational books and videos to people in need. He was also one of the finalists for Audie Awards. He is a popular author, speaker, pastor and an educator. He is also known as ET. His words act as a medium to attract people from various countries all over the world. When he was studying h got in touch with many different preachers and started giving speeches during the time when he was pursuing his Ph.D. That is when people started to know him as a preacher and a motivational speaker.

He initiated a company that used to offer athletic development, executive coaching, and education consulting. He is also the CEO of ETA LLC, his very own consulting firm. Various beneficial and inspirational books such as Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation (2014), The Secret to Success (2012), and Average Skill Phenomenal Will (2016) have been authored by him. The Eric Thomas and Associates Publications have made these books available and you can purchase these online at

He runs a Youtube channel known as “etthehiphoppreacher” and in the about page of the channel he refers to himself as “A Leader that cares about people.” He started the channel in 2008 and presently has about 636,523 subscribers.

Eric Thomas- Known For:

Eric Thomas is known for his motivational preachings and speeches. His autobiography “The Secret to Success” got nearly 50 million hits.

Eric Thomas- Political and Business Associations

His only business is his motivational speeches with the help of which he has helped many people get out of depression and fight anxiety. His preaches are worth listening to and people should utilize his speeches in doing good deeds for humanity.

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